Monthly Vehicle Health Report – Overview

Your vehicle just got smarter – and life just got a little easier. Everyone knows it’s important to stay on top of your vehicle’s maintenance, but doing so can seem overwhelming at times. Not anymore. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is adding peace of mind to your drive by introducing vehicle health reports to your Uconnect Access […]

How to Make a Gravel Road : Use a Tractor to Make a Gravel Road

This is Ben Ingham with Expert Village to talk to you about putting in a gravel road. These are turned upside down right now because I haven’t been using them lately, but they can be taken out and put underneath so that this point will be digging into the ground and it will help dig […]

Volvo Trucks – Securing uptime and profitability – Meet our customer: Michael Vermaak Boerdery

Since I was a kid, I wanted to farm, and it’s my life, it’s my sport, it’s my everything. So, I enjoy farming. We are irrigation farmers. We farm with maize, potatoes, wheat, lucerne. We are very seasonal, so certain months we do less transport and certain months we do more. All the products we […]

How to Replace a Lawn Tractor Tire ~ Rick’s Tips

Hey Everybody Rick here this week I’m going to show you how to change a very worn out tire on my lawn tractor that I got for free a few years ago It’s very worn out time to go So we’re now upgrade to a new one using basic tools and minimum work environment in […]

All you need to know about rust proofing your car

Hey there, I’m Lou and this is Paul from Krown Rust Control in Mississauga, Ont. I purchased a brand new car recently and I thought I’d get it rust proofed. We’re here to talk about rust proofing. It actually doesn’t make a difference, we do spray all year. It’s kind of personal preference, your vehicle […]

Lawn Mower & Tractor Buying Guide (Interactive Video) | Consumer Reports

Every year in the dead of winter, Consumer Reports Chief Power Equipment Tester Peter Sawchuk heads to Florida. Tough gig, right? Actually, he spends six weeks cutting, mulching, and bagging on five acres of grass to test which lawnmowers make the Consumer Reports cut, all so you have an easier time when you go shopping. […]

Changing the fuel filter on a Jeep Grand Cherokee

Okay, so we’re changing the fuel filter on a ’95 Jeep Grand Cherokee. The fuel filter is located probably dead center of the car right above the rear differential. Uh, that’s what it looks like; this guy right here. This one’s pretty old. Um I’ve already taken off the two connectors that go on it. […]

5 Secrets Only Car Mechanics Know

rev up your engine today I’m gonna show you the forgotten maintenance items that I’ve seen people over the years forget to do and then it ended up costing them a small fortune in many cases because they didn’t do them now one of the most forgotten things that’s easy to do is to keep […]

Basic Car Care & Maintenance : Types of Automotive Fluids

Hi this is Jeff Wong with Expert Village and today we’re going to learn the basics of maintaining your vehicle. So one of the basic things you should know when you’re maintaining your vehicle is to know what color the fluids look like. That way in case there’s a leak you will know the probable […]

Worlds Most Abused Glock 17 – Car Wash g17

Alright my TNP dudes. This is Mattv Guns and Food here and what I have here is I guess a science project. 50 days ago almost two months. I went out and recorded three Glock videos. I recorded the. first I did the dragon lube Glock. Then immediately after that I did the Factory Lube […]