Toy Truck Videos for Children – Toy Bruder Mack Fire Engine and Toy Police Truck and Helicopter

Christopher/Lucas: Oh. My. Gosh. [upbeat music] Christopher: Yeah! Lucas: I get this one! Christopher: Yeah. It’s actually called a helicopter. Lucas: I got mans, I got mans! Christopher: Well Lucas: The doors can open like that. Christopher: Whoa. That can open? Seriously. Lucas: What have you got? Christopher: Whoa. Whoa-ha-ha. Christopher: It just pops right […]


Can you see it, am I filming am I filming the right way, okay? It’s a big deal If it is what I think that it is, is it? *Intro Song* Good morning, Jake Paulers. Jake Is still sleeping The other day he woke me up with a merch gun, and it actually kinda hurt […]

SuperM (슈퍼엠) – ‘SUPER CAR’ [Color Coded_Han_Rom_Eng]

I must be the best driver [Music] [Music] listen that isn’t a shunt in their friend she watches you you’re like a black car anytime in control [Applause] you just wanna leave enemy buddy [Music] tracking the interesting teacher revenge until you can to help no morning and be Chang’an kaima don’t pander I got […]

Never Use This Type of Engine Oil Additive in Your Car

rev up your engines, today I’m going to talk about engine oil additives and specifically this new Lucas made for low viscosity oils that modern cars use, now to begin with I’ll give you a general idea about oil additives in cars, modern engine oils are really well designed and produced, you buy a brand […]


is he coming coming in don’t you guys got my back or no yeah Erika good morning bottom yeah yeah what if you say I breathe all up in your face you Anthony did the same thing right good morning chance come on Tessa and good morning Jake callers if you are new here I’m […]

🚌JOSE’S BUS HAS LOST AGAIN – the song!🚌 (Man Utd vs Tottenham 0-3 Parody Highlights)

Cześć… Dzięki za przybycie na pokład autobusy Jose… Dotarliśmy do naszego celu… Nie… Nie tytuł Premier League… Ja zostanę zwolniony… Autobus Jose przegrał znów… Przegrał znów… Autobus Jose przegrał znów… Co do diabła jest źle ? Kucyk-Shaw w moim autobusie chciał odejść… Chciał odejść… Wyślijmy #POGBACK i miejmy zwrot ! Niech… odejdzie… Obrońcy w moim […]


Henry? Henry, will you please wake up? This is not a time to be sleeping… Wake up! That’s a good boy. We have company! Their identity is currently unknown. My scans show that we appear to be in a park. These creatures pose a minimal threat and their top speed is laughable. You’re very welcome! […]


You know where you at son Ah no, Ah no, no, noooo. I can’t even right now guys My mom is a YouTuber, it’s official She just got her first brand deal my mom she went to school for years and years to be a nurse and she got a brand deal on YouTube now, […]

How to easily replace your car battery in less than a minute

Hey guys, what’s up? Reuben here from The Midnight Garage! Today, I’m going to show you guys how to replace your car battery in less than a minute So let’s start First up you need to remove your negative lead If you remove the positive lead first It’s possible to cause a short circuit which […]

The Truth About Lucas Fuel Additive

rev your engines master remover says Scotty we love you here in Pennsylvania I’ve been using the Lucas fuel injector cleaner for years my trucks up over 200,000 miles using my gas trucks never had a problem my fuel injectors and my friends never use it and always have problems with fuel injectors well that’s […]