Cars That Can Hit 1,000,000 Miles

Cars that can hit 1 million miles number 1 1990 BMW 325i this car was actually a test car by mobil oil and it only had one purpose and that was used to collect data the Vehicle was set to run at 85 miles per hour at times for up to four years The BMW […]

How Long Can a Car Really Last

rev up your engines today I’m gonna help you answer the question should I buy a used Acura now Acuras being fancy Honda’s the pretty well made cars but like any other car they have a certain lifespan to them and in the case of this 1999 Acura CL it led a pretty tough life […]

Doing This Will Make Your Car Run Better and Last Longer

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna show you things you can easily do yourself to make your car run better, now when I was a young mechanic in the the sixties hey there was all kinds of stuff you could do to keep your car running cars needed tune ups and the carburetors adjusted […]