Volvo Trucks – Always on the hunt for eco-friendly solutions – Meet our Customer: Monge & C Spa

Since the beginning, my father has been passing on his values to his children and to all the company employees. Environmental viability has been important to us. These principles are always well in mind. My father started producing pet food to use the waste of his chickens instead of throwing it away. Then it dawned […]

Volvo Trucks – Debunking the LNG myths

We’re here today to dispel some of the myths surrounding LNG, liquefied natural gas, and who better to do that with me than Volvo Trucks’ safety director, Carl Johan Almqvist. – Welcome. – Thank you. Pleasure to be here. Now, let’s have a look here. I’m going to take some pure normal drinking water, pour […]

Volvo Trucks – Introducing our new gas-powered trucks that can reduce CO2 emissions by 20-100%

Until now, no gas-powered vehicle on the market has been able to match the power of a Volvo FH. Enter the Volvo FH LNG. The first Volvo 460 horsepower truck powered by liquefied natural gas. It delivers the same high performance driveability and fuel efficiency as a regular Volvo FH. Even on steep hill climbs. […]

Volvo Trucks – Growing business with gas-powered trucks – Meet our customer: Transnugon

The gas truck is clearly the future. It’s already a reality today, and we are an example that it’s possible. MEET OUR CUSTOMER TRANSNUGON – SPAIN We started investing in gas trucks for economic reasons. When we started, diesel was really expensive. And gas is competitive in terms of cost. 99% of our cargo is […]

CNG kit maintenance part 1. Car CNG gas kit repair and maintenance

In this video series I am showing CNG LPG gas kit repair and maintenance. This is a four parts series in which I will cover almost all details about its maintenance. this is important because most cars have such kits in them. As this topic is big enough that it will be covered in a […]