2019 Audi e-tron SUV: Product Overview

Electric has gone Audi… but what does that mean exactly? We didn’t just put out our first fully electric vehicle and that was it. It means we used our meticulous engineering prowess to think through every aspect of what electric vehicle ownership should be. But it all starts with the first no compromise electric SUV. […]

Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus

Hi everyone, and welcome to another YouTube video from Razão Automóvel’s LA Special. This time we’re test driving the Lexus UX, a model that has surprised me by its dynamic performance, by how comfortable it is, and attention to detail. But enough talk – let’s get inside this car, hit the road, and see what […]

How To Clean A Very Dirty Car Interior – Chemical Guys Car Detailing

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we’re doing a full interior detail on this Lexus IS300. Now this car interior is one of the worst ones we’ve ever seen in the Detail Garage! It’s full of anything you can throw at it: garbage, dirt, debris, hair, body oils, filth, and trash throughout the entire vehicle. […]

5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Car

Hello everyone and welcome. In this video we’re gonna be talking about five things which you should never do in a brand-new vehicle. Now the definition of brand-new, of course, will change depending on the vehicle, but generally we’re going to be talking about the first thousand miles of which you’re going to be breaking […]

Car Insurance vs. Warranty

As a warranty company, the number one question we get is, “What is the difference between car insurance and a warranty?” Well a lot actually. Don’t get me wrong, Car insurance and warranty plans have some minor similarities, but ultimately they have some huge differences. Insurance, by definition, is a contract between you and your […]

Top 5 First Car Mods – Without Sacrificing Daily Drivability

hello everyone and welcome in this video we’re going to be talking about five modifications which are some ideas to do as the first modifications for your car and so you know there’s there’s a lot of different things you can do to a vehicle and not necessarily in any order we’re going to be […]

Car Rides – We Got a New Car – Merrell Twins

I’M NOT A CHILD! HHEEEELLLPPPPP!! – OMG HE’S RIGHT NEXT TO US! AAAAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! – Hello guys welcome to another car rides Another… sun I’ll block it from your eyes. Hello 🙂 – Hi guys I’m Vanessa I’m Veronica And welcome to another car rides video We have asked you guys what kind of videos you’ve […]

Start a “push button start” car with a dead smart key/fob battery #21

Alright, let’s get you going! If your car, truck, or motorcycle has a “push button start” option, your engine won’t start, and you have a message on your dash similar to this “No key” error, then follow these steps. Try to start the vehicle as you normally would by placing the transmission in park. Then, […]


whats up, this is tampatec. i’m going to install these dual headrest monitors.they are a great value.i’m going to leave a link in the video description below. so here is the headrest itself. you can unzip the cover. and tada! this is a 9 inch lcd screen. 600p resolution. you can connect headphones, switch av1 […]