Jeep Fan in London? Check out the Chelsea Truck Company Showroom

hey everyone Ben Cad here giving a quick shoutout to the Chelsea Truck Company in London. Who were gracious enough to let me come in off the street and they gave me a really in-depth tour of their showroom, made me coffee had a great conversation as well so thanks a lot for the tour. […]

Ask Meguiar’s: Can You Use Vinyl Products on Car Leather?

Because leather is a sensitive material, we recommend using only leather products on leather. Products specially designed for leather condition and protect, to keep your leather soft and looking newer longer.

How To Clean A Very Dirty Car Interior – Chemical Guys Car Detailing

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we’re doing a full interior detail on this Lexus IS300. Now this car interior is one of the worst ones we’ve ever seen in the Detail Garage! It’s full of anything you can throw at it: garbage, dirt, debris, hair, body oils, filth, and trash throughout the entire vehicle. […]

The 2019 Infiniti QX80 Limited is a throwback luxury SUV

In a world populated by new luxury SUVs like the Lincoln Navigator in BMW x7, the Infiniti QX80 is a throwback. And not just because it uses a separate truck frame and a naturally aspirated V8 engine. According to its window sticke,r this is a 2019 model. But peel back the QX80’s sheet metal and […]

How To Remove Car Interior Spots And Stains – Chemical Guys Detailing

Welcome back to Detail Garage! Today we’re going to do some interior cleaning on this Volkswagen Jetta. As you can see, the owner of this car wears a lot of lotion and sunscreen. The problem with that is rubbing on interior surfaces like door panels, steering wheels, or shift knobs can leave white lotion residue. […]

Morgan Motor Company: The Most Honest Car Factory in the World – /DRIVEN

[ENGINE REVVING] [MUSIC PLAYING] JF MUSIAL: What you’re about to see is the most authentic, honest car factory in the world. Welcome to the Morgan Motor Company. Unlike other factory tours that take weeks of phone calls and emails just to orchestrate, Morgan is an open book. Every other car factory we’ve been to, we’re […]

Basic Car Detailing Prep Wash Steps – Chemical Guys Detail Garage: Porsche Boxster Part 1

Welcome back to Detail Garage. In this series we have a used Porsche Bosxter in the shop. The owner brought it in straight from the dealership. Obviously the car got some kind of contamination, over spray and bird droppings all over the front end of the vehicle. It’s fairly dirty and it has a few […]

How Clean Is Your Interior? | Dodge Viper GTS ACR | Chemical Guys Car Care

Hello everybody welcome back to the Chemical Guys Detail Garage! I’m Nick and this is a 2000 Viper ACR and if you have been following our detailing mini series, you saw that we washed it using Black Light Soap which enhanced that black shine but once we were done washing we noticed that the paint […]