LA Hairstylist Sofia Car is Doing Things Her Own Way

It’s almost like a game to try and figure out what people actually want. So I have a handful of pretty general questions that I usually ask people, but then I also look at the subtleties. They might be telling me something, but touching their hair in a certain place or putting something this way, […]

2020 Jeep Gladiator: First Impressions –

we’re here at the 2018 LA Auto Show where the biggest vehicle introduction that we’ve seen here is the 2020 Jeep gladiator it’s finally here this is a long-awaited vehicle but now it’s here and we’ve had a chance to take a closer look and now we want to share that with you a lot […]

Edmunds RoadNoise | LA Auto Show edition! Honda Passport, Mazda 3, Jeep Gladiator, and more!

[MUSIC PLAYING] CARLOS LAGO: Welcome to a special LA auto show edition of “Edmunds Road Noise.” WILL KAUFMAN: Surely, you mean AutoMobility LA. CARLOS LAGO: Yes, of course. I forgot. That’s what everybody in the industry calls it. In any event, this is your look at everything that happened in the automotive industry this week […]

LA Food Truck Serves The Juiciest Tacos

Guys, I am on my way to a taco truck that’s just north of Los Angeles called Birrieria San Marcos. I’m almost certain I pronounced that wrong, and I apologize. Birrieria San Marcos. A birria taco is a type of meat that has been in a broth for many hours. Six, seven. But it’s just […]

4 ways you can get busted for “automobile insurance fraud”

Auto insurance fraud is when you knowingly file a false claim with regard to a car or auto insurance policy to recover money that you’re not entitled to. Now, we typically see these sorts of cases prosecuted in four types of scenarios. The first is when you stage an accident or the theft of your […]

How to use Waterless Car Wash by 3D Products

[Music] Thanks for checking out 3D products I’m Donald Williams, in this segment We’re going to show you how to use 3D waterless car wash using just a waterless product and towels show you how to save time and save money and be able to wash your car inside and outside without using a drop […]

Pearl Car Wash | La Jolla San Diego Hand Car Wash & Auto Detailing

[music]>>MARK: Hi, this is Mark at Pearl Car Wash. We are located at 600 Pearl Street in La Jolla. We are open 7 days a week and offer full service hand washing, detailing and body repair. You can check out our website at We hope to see you soon!

CAR vs BIKE vs TRAIN – We found the FASTEST way through LA Traffic

– Los Angeles is known for its incredible car culture. But is the car really the best way to get around? Well today, we’re gonna be racing through rush hour traffic, in the city with the worst traffic in the entire country. I’ve got my car, Zach’s got his bike, Raghav is gonna be taking […]

What is an SR22 car insurance policy?

I’m DUI defense lawyer Neal Shouse, and I’m here with Jarrett Mahoney, expert on DUI auto insurance issues. Jarrett, people ask us all the time, what is an SR-22? And for most people, most good drivers, they never have to deal with this in their life until they get a DUI. And then suddenly they […]