Tips and Tricks Blizzard #1 Snow Removal Kioti Tractor

Ok folks! Today it’s a very different different kind of a situation cell phone oups! we are the January January thrid yeah January third I think maybe forth what ever 2018 we are in a south ouest Quebec Canada today we have a kind of blizzard it’s actualy a around 9 o’clock in the morning […]

We’re Going to Treat You Like Dirt – KIOTI Tractor Commercial

At KIOTI, we’re going to treat you like dirt. Because we hold dirt in the highest regard. We’re honored to find it under our fingernails. Lucky to be caked in it at day’s end. It keeps us humble. Honest. Dirt gets taken for granted by most. But if you know us, you know getting treated […]

Tips and Trick #3 Snow Removal Kioti Tractor

Hey! ready for part #3 🙂 Hot Coffee Check right, left, right, left for incoming cars This one is a horseshoe style parking Just for demonstration I gonna clean it like a use to do with the rear blade because it a kind of weird parking LOL Drop my back blade down and I pull […]

KIOTI Tractor: Dirty Work

There are better-known tractors in the world than KIOTI. Ones with bigger names. Longer histories. More popular hats. Cute toy lines. But there’s not a single tractor ever been built that’s better equipped to do the dirty work. So we’ll let the others keep their squeaky-clean images. And we’ll focus on what really matters. KIOTI. […]

Future Planning! Truck? Trailer? Shed? House? Compact Tractor Snow Plowing

Christy I think we should call this our winter closeout video you really think winter is over I hope so I don’t know it snowed just a day or two ago, and it’s late March. Yeah That’s what our videos about partially the snow you’re gonna see a lot of video here from our Hopefully […]

Kioti – Super Equipped, Absolutely! Test Drive CK3510SE & CK4010SE Compact Tractors

So today, we’re gonna visit the Kioti dealer Something like that. I don’t know if we need a wild animal in our backyard Tractors are kind of like wild animals they’re powerful they can get mean John got teeth for yours Just he’s not a wild animal. Oh, that’s true. Okay these are just a […]

Tips and Trick #2 Snow Removal Kioti tractor

Ok part 2 Like mention before, not a lot of snow Just giving a good customer service Very important that you don’t blow the snow to the neighbour Always put the snow on the customer’s property Oups! Compitition 🙂 Always clear/clean the blower before the next one Very easy to do a U-Turn Up to […]

Tips and Trick #1 Snow Removal Kioti Tractor

So, here we go! I removed my coat I’m gonna put the radio on Ok let see That’s about right Normally I run it around 2000 2500 rpm You see the diffirence LED lights, no LED lights I’ll work with the rear blade right now I’m gonna pull I’m gonna pull the snow You see […]

KIOTI Tractor: We’ll Treat You Like Dirt

At Kioti, we’re gonna’ treat you like dirt. Because we hold dirt in the highest regard. We respect it in all its forms. We’re honored to find it under our fingernails. Lucky to be caked in it at days end. And we count our blessings everytime we’re able to return to it. We come from […]