Rollercoasters For Children | Gecko’s Real Vehicles

Hello everyone! I’m here today at Alton Towers Resort! I’m here to have a ride on some amazing rollercoasters and learn all about how they work. Rollercoasters are designed for one thing – FUN! No two are the same. They can do loops, twists, spins and can go really, really fast. But how do these […]

Abduction | Haunted House Monster Truck | Car Cartoon Videos For Kids

Abduction – Haunted House Monster Truck Video

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Army Helicopter Sikorsky VH-60N Helicopter Police Helicopter Army Transport Helicopter Ambulance Helicopter Fire Resue Helicopter Helicopter HH-60 JAYHAWK Helicopter Sporting Airplane Stunt Plane F6F Hellcat Army Airplane Sporting Airplane Fighter Plane Fighter Jet Fighter Jet Air Force Fighter Plane R Q 1 Predator Drone Navy plane Marines Aircraft Stunt Plane

Wheels On The Bus – I Spy Game Song | Kindergarten Rhymes & Songs for babies by Little Treehouse

“Buckle up everybody, we’re in for a fun ride. It’s time for another adventure!” “Fasten your seatbelts everyone for ‘wheels on the bus’…. The wheels on the bus go round and round, Round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, All through the town. “Let’s play a game […]

The Wheels On The Bus | Vehicle Songs | Nursery Rhymes Farmees | Kids Songs by Farmees

Lets hop on the board on the farm bus. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round. The wheels on the bus go round and round, all through the town. The wipers on the bus go Swish, swish, swish; Swish, swish, swish; Swish, swish, swish. The wipers on […]

Learn About a Backhoe | Construction Vehicles for Children

Welcome back to Brain Candy TV! Hey Brainiacs! Let’s go to the construction site where we can learn about the different parts of a backhoe and how it works! A backhoe has four wheels. 1, 2, 3 and 4. This part is the tractor which contains the engine. The engine gives the backhoe its power. […]

Futuristic Street Vehicles | Cartoon Videos For Children by Kids Channel


Police Car | Formation And Uses | Vehicle Videos For Babies by Kids Channel

Police Car Formation And Uses

Tonka Ride On Mighty Dump Truck for Kids – Unboxing, Review and Riding

♪[rock ‘n roll music] >>Sydney: WOOOH! >>Lucas: NAY NEE NAY NEE NAY [laughter] >>Chris: ALLRIGHT, LET’S DO THIS!>>>YAAAY…WHOA!>>Chris: THESE ARE… >>Lucas: [interrupting] WHOA!!! [offscreen]>>Lucas: WAHHAAAY >>Chris: THESE WHEELS ARE HUGE.>>Sydney: PULL! [yelling, high pitched noises] >>Sydney: TO ME! ..EHHHHHHH>>Chris: NO WONDER THIS IS SO HARD!>>IT’S HUUUUUGE!>>Sydney: PULL! PULL! WE GOT IT! [indescernible shouts of joy] […]

Paw Patrol Sea Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Sea Rescue Vehicle || Keiths Toy Box

Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Get ready to go on exciting rescue missions at sea with today’s surprise toy. It’s so big it doesn’t fit in the box. It’s the Paw Patrol Sea Patroller! Thanks to Spin Master for sending this to us! Go on exciting aquatic missions in this rescue vehicle that […]