How the Tractor Revolutionized Farming | The Henry Ford’s Innovation Nation

– Not sure if you know much about how fruit and vegetable type foods get to your table, but FYI, dirt and farms are involved, and nothing symbolizes the farm like the tractor, that majestic machine with the huge wheels on the back and the fun-sized wheels on the front. Throughout history, the trusty tractor […]

Lyndon Farms Ladies – Silage 2018 – Sister’s Driving Tractors #jcb #claas

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John Deere 8640 Saves the Day in this Tractor Video!

The old John Deere 8640 saves the day! Yes indeed, this week’s tractor video is super special! We have finally, officially started tractor work on the rice farm, we’re breaking ground and preparing to plant the 2019 rice crop here in California! Buckle up, start your engines, the sun is shining! We’re ripping, we’re dozing…we’re […]

My Favorite Tractor Song for Kids | Lots & Lots of Trucks | James Coffey

Please stay tuned for a money-saving offer at the end of this video. My tractor can do many things Like plow and till the land It helps me do the toughest jobs Like digging dirt and sand I don’t know what I’d do Without my trusty tractor friend It helps me do most everything like […]

John Deere Tractors at 100 – The Legend Runs On (30-second version)

and now folks John Deere has another new tractor to show thousands were sold and mechanized farming became a reality a new conception of modern farming strong and long-lasting could work and long life in the toughest condition will give the farmer everything he wants tract type power with a big future

Farm Tractors Gone Wild: A Tractor Video NOT for Kids (just kidding)!

these farm tractors have gone wild so wild that this tractor video is not for kids just kidding this tractor video is totally for kids no adults allowed we’ve got tractors everywhere we’ve got tractors on the dirt roads we’ve got tractors in the ditches we’ve got tractors in the weeds the John Deere 7520 […]

Teaching Her To Drive A Tractor! (John Deere 4640)

hey everybody its Ryan this is Jamie my girlfriend today we are sitting in the John Deere 46:40 and we are harvesting corn now a couple videos back we taught Jamie how to drive a John Deere x7 30 lawn mower lawn tractor so today I figured that we’d step it up and teach you […]

John Deere tractor transport cow accident | Video for kids with animals, tractors, excavators

John Deere tractor transport cow accident | Video for kids video animals, tractors, excavators