Nitto NT421Q Premier All Season Crossover and SUV Radial Tires

Man: Brought to you by JEGS. Woman: The daily commute, we all do it every day, day in and day out. But the daily commute becomes something so much more with precious cargo on board. Life doesn’t stop for bad weather and the fact is all that connects your car to the road, are four […]

2002-2009 Chevrolet GM Truck SUV Air Bag Steering Wheel Replacement Grant 61037 Tutorial Install

Today, we’ll be changing out a steering wheel for a 2006 Chevy Avalanche. You can tell the wear pattern here at the top of the steering wheel. So we’ll go ahead and just do an upgrade for this wheel here. First thing we need to do is remove the negative battery cable to prevent this […]

How NOS Nitrous Oxide Works Types Wet Dry System Automotive Engine Spacer Plate

Man: Brought to you by JEGS. Man: Nitrous oxide, also known as NOS, squeeze, spray, laughing gas, N2O, juice, or simply the bottle, is a popular and inexpensive way to add power at the push of a button. When correctly installed and operated per the manufacturer’s directions, it’s safe and reliable as well. Nitrous oxide […]

How to Install a Distributor MSD Performance Ignition Tutorial Instructions Overview

David: Hey, I’m David Freiburger. Chad: And I’m Chad Reynolds. David: And in this video we’re going to show you how to install a distributor. Before we get stared I want to show you a little bit of how a distributor works so that you can picture what’s gonna go on here in the video. […]

Evapo-Rust Rust Remover and Rust-Block Rust Inhibitor Overview Tutorial

Most people have thrown away something that was needed but had become rusty. Until now, removing rust involves scrubbing with sandpaper or using very toxic chemicals and corrosive acids. Acid rust removers have been one of the top 10 causes of household poisoning for the last 40 years. Evapo-Rust is a new, safe and effective […]

Bestop Bikini, Windjammer, and Duster Tutorial Overview Jeep Wrangler

Britta: Hi, I’m Britta and this is Jeff with Bestop’s marketing team. And today, we’re going to tell you all about Bestop’s Bikini Tops. And we’re going to tell you about the combination you can do with the Bikini Top, and the Windjammer, and the Duster. Jeff: You know, a Bikini Top is really the […]

2007-2013 Jeep Wrangler JK Flex-a-lite Radiator and Electric Fan Aluminum Hemi Conversion Stock

Brought to you by Jegs. Hi! We’re going to show you how to install Flex-a-lite’s new JK radiator fan application. So this is going to fit the Jeep JK from 2007 to 2013. You can see that it’s going to come with an electric fan already pre-mounted to the radiator. This fan is going to […]

JEGS Chevy Engine Cradle with Wheels For Shop Garage Trailer With Kenny Wallace

Kenny Wallace: Quick, what’s 18 inches high, 19 inches wide, and 24 inches deep? It’s a cradle and it’s just the right size to keep your baby safe and snug, that is if your baby is a big block or small block Chevy engine. The JEGS Chevy engine cradle is solidly built with sturdy all […]

Chevy LS Engine Parts Swap Conversion Install Overview How-To Tutorial Performance Chevrolet Car

Announcer: Brought to you by JEGS. [music] Chase: LS swaps have been taking place all over the nation for well on a decade, and for good reason. They’re lightweight, fuel-efficient, easy to work on, and they make great power with relatively few modifications. Over the years, we’ve had a lot of the LS vehicles come […]

Duplicolor Anodized Metalcast Paint How-To Tutorial Overview

Man 1: What we have here is one of the next parts that we’re going to paint on the El Camino. It’s the air cleaner housing, the chrome air cleaner housing. What we want to do is show you exactly how the Metalcast product works. The Metalcast product is a tinted, clear-coat essentially, it’s a […]