Serpentine Belt Removal Jeep Grand Cherokee

So we started taking apart the power steering…the pump for this…the reservoir. It’s the same way to get the belt off of the engine. You undo…there are a few different slider bolts on the track down inside here. There’s another one on the back there. You undo those slider bolts and loosen this one up […]

Jeep Malaysia – Roda Pusing Ringkas

Laa, Buck. Why are you late? It was raining, I got stuck! Ah, surely you must be smelling a bit musky from the rain. Just a minute. I’ll spray some EDT on you Eh, I’ve already got this on. What’s that? Hattrick Oh, anti-perspirant deodorant? Yes, it lasts the whole day. Well anyways Hurry up […]

Hacker History: The Great Jeep Cherokee Hack of 2015

– [Chris] I thought that we didn’t like each other. – [Charlie] Well, I didn’t like you. – [Chris] Yeah, I know you liked me. – [Charlie] Yeah, I know you liked me, it’s fine. (light upbeat music) – I wasn’t entirely happy with the management at the company we worked at. – [Chris] Yeah. […]

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Perpendicular Park Assist In Action

Hey guys, this is Jason from Waynesville and Hendersonville Automotive Groups. Today I’m here with “Fudd”, this is John McLean from our Hendersonville Automotive location. He just showed me this cool Perpendicular Park feature that we have in this Trailhawk, the 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk we’ve been showing you all the features in. He’s going to […]

2014 Cheap Truck Challenge! 93′ S10 vs 95′ Grand Cherokee vs 75′ International – Dirt Every Day 32

This week on Dirt Every Day it’s Cheap Truck Challenge! it is raining here in beautiful sunny reno last year we went to Arizona for cheap truck challenge but Harry Wagner you who you may recall from last year had that big green Ford well he offered to lead us on cheap truck challenge this […]

Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Joyride – Waynesville Auto

“Hey Dale, can I get the keys to that new Cherokee?” “For what?” “Imma go take it out and get a video for the internet.” “The, uh, Trailhawk?” “Yeah, the Trailhawk.” “Yeah you can take it but just don’t mess it up dude. I got somebody coming to look at it. If you mess that […]

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Driver Assist Technology

Hey guys, this is Jason from Waynesville Automotive. I just saw this really cool feature called “Drive Assist” or “Driver Assist” on the Cherokee. Check this out! I take my hands off the wheel, it’s looking at the lanes here and when I start getting too close outta that one it actually turns the wheel […]

Would We Buy a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Again?

about a year ago bought this 2014 jeep cherokee as we do for all of our long term test cars we wanted to see how it held up in terms of maintenance reliability general drivability and gas mileage over an entire year with our editors here’s what we found we bought a four-cylinder cherokee […]

2014 Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Backup Camera in action

Hey guys! I just wanted to show you this feature that really came in handy whenever we were doing our last video where we took the, uh, 2014 Cherokee Trailhawk all over the place. I took it way up this trail here that looked really cool I wanted to show you guys. Come to find […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee my-2005-2011- buyers review

Jeep has a strong name. They only make off-roaders. This Grand Cherokee feels like the original, like a Range Rover and Land Rover. They’ve been around for some time. Other brands made their SUVs later. It has more than plenty originality and character. The off-road capacity is very good as well. It can haul large […]