Jeep Wrangler JK Coyote 1.5 in. Aluminum Wheel Spacer Kit Review & Install

Hey, what’s up guys? Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain, and today I’m here with the Coyote 1.5-inch aluminum wheel spacer kit, fitting your 2007 to 2018 Jeep Wrangler JK. This is for those of you that want a quality spacer that is just gonna give you a little bit of an offset. Now, these are reasonably […]

Off-Road and Adventure Sightseeing Tours in Sedona | Pink Jeep Tours

This vacation will be different Where all you can see is sky And nothing below you but air In a Jeep Wrangler built to take you places your rental car cannot Don’t be fooled by the color this is a masterpiece of precision machinery With an adventure guide to match Catch the views, catch your […]

Custom ’72 Postal Jeep Truck – Stone Cold Customs SEMA 2014 – Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company we’re at SEMA 2014 and when you’re walking around you see a lot of muscle cars and things you see every single year when you walk by this booth this is something you really got to take it a double take this thing is really cool with jim from […]

Jeep of the Week: 7000 Mile 2005 Rubicon | Cross Jeep Louisville, KY

hey guys Jon at Cross Jeep with your Jeep of the week I travel to never Neverland this week and brought back a unicorn this is a 2005 globally traded in TJ Rubicon with 7,000 miles on it and it’s just a survivor you don’t see him like this ever on top of the window […]

ARIES Jeep® Wrangler Installation: 4″ Fender Flares

Welcome to the installation video of the Aries front and rear fender flares on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler. These fender flares are available in a raw aluminum or textured black finish. During this installation, we will be using a lift; however the use of a lift is not required. These are the tools needed to […]

Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk Joyride – Waynesville Auto

“Hey Dale, can I get the keys to that new Cherokee?” “For what?” “Imma go take it out and get a video for the internet.” “The, uh, Trailhawk?” “Yeah, the Trailhawk.” “Yeah you can take it but just don’t mess it up dude. I got somebody coming to look at it. If you mess that […]

Toyota Hilux vs Jeep Wrangler, 4×4 offroad battle

Jeep WranglerJK 2.5 Inch Lift 35 Inch tyres Open differentials AEV Heat reduction hood Toyota Hilux Surf 4 Inch lift 33×12.5 inch tyres

Would We Buy a 2014 Jeep Cherokee Again?

about a year ago bought this 2014 jeep cherokee as we do for all of our long term test cars we wanted to see how it held up in terms of maintenance reliability general drivability and gas mileage over an entire year with our editors here’s what we found we bought a four-cylinder cherokee […]

In the Garage with Total Truck Centers: BedTred for Jeep JK, Part 1

Need to upgrade the interior protection in your Jeep? Well, BedTred may just have the solution for you. Stay tuned and we’ll talk about it more. For years, BedRug has been known to provide superior bed protection liners for trucks. And now, they’ve taken that same product, same quality and engineering to the Jeep market. […]

Duell der Mini-SUV: Jeep Renegade vs. Fiat 500X (2015)

Unsere Redakteurin Daniela Pemöller hat ein ein Blind Date im schwedischen Lappland mit den zweieiigen Zwillingen der Fiat-Chrysler-Gruppe und sucht ihren Eisprinzen. Ziemlich hemdsärmelig und grob steht der Amerikaner mit seinem kantigen Design vor mir. Fast derbe im Vergleich zu seinem italienischen Zwillingsbruder Fiat 500X, Und dann dieser wuchtige Sieben-Schlitze-Grill des Abtrünnigen, so die Übersetzung […]