– Oh my goodness, there is something going on up ahead. Slow down, babe, here comes more emergency vehicles. (upbeat music) All right, well we are headed down to the continental breakfast this morning and hoping to find good news and that we’ll be able to leave today. This is like day three of being […]


– [Caleb] And pull it up. (kids screaming) (laughing) – Ribbit! – This is my British accident. – [Mom] The Yard Enforcer. (laughing) – [Jeremy] What are you doing, Caleb? – I’m writing a note for Mom. – [Jeremy] What does it say? – It says, I love you mom. I know that it was […]

Car Wash!

– [Woman] Get him, get Daddy, get Daddy! (shouting) (laughter) (rhythmic clapping) – Good morning, I decided to do a smoothie for breakfast, and I saw a video recently where you use a straw with strawberries. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I decided to try it, so here we go. ‘kay, kids, […]