Spotlight – 2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee, leveled, 18×9 +/- 0 and 285’s

– Hey guys, Shawn here again, Custom Offsets; Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We got a 2013 Grand Cherokee Laredo today. So we’ve been doing these for Bergstrom in Neenah over here at a used car lot. Basically what they are is, we’re doing a 2-inch lift, and then we got 18-by-nines and 32s. […]

New Audi Q4 e tron 2019 Review Electric SUV

so hello guys and welcome back today we have right here the new Audi Q4 e tron this is the next generation electric car from Volkswagen it’s a little bit smaller than previous at throne SUV and we are here at Geneva Motor Show 2019 and I want to show you around the car look […]

Automobilista: Bathurst Truck Simulator! (Formula Truck @ Bathurst)

More trucks on tricky tracks! This time we’re punishing the Formula Trucks by rushing them over Bathurst’s Mount panorama. An amazing combo which makes Automobilista shine to the max! What’s up everyone my name is faultless and welcome back for s’more simracing as you can see today. We are back on Ottoman lista and Actually, […]

50HP Barbie Jeep Gets A Rekluse Clutch+Front I-Beam Suspension

we got a recluse clutch yes we have a beautiful shiny bunch of stickers brand-new Rekluse clutch kit it’s gonna make a huge difference in how this thing drives so a Rekluse clutch essentially makes your dirtbike into a semi automatic transmission so you still have to shift gears manually but you no longer need […]

Moving Truck vs Low Bridge in Slow Mo

– Hello, I’m Gav. – I’m Dan. Welcome to the “The Super Slow Show.” Dan, are you aware of a website called It’s about this bridge in North Carolina, exactly 11 foot 8 inches of clearance. – Who’da thought? – For some reason, people keep crashing moving trucks into it, so frequently that a […]

What’s the best 4×4? | New Land Rover Discovery vs Jeep, Toyota, Isuzu, Mercedes, Dacia | Autocar

You join me in a quarry to answer the following question. Which is the best off roader? Is it the all-new aluminum Land Rover Discovery? Is it the closest rival we have here the Toyota Land Cruiser? Is it the small, light and cheap Dacia Duster? Is it an Isuzu D-Max? Well probably not but […]

Select Bus Service: Ten Years of Service

Select Bus Service Ten Years of Service On June 29, 2008 the Bx12 was launched as NYC’s first Select Bus Service route NYC DOT and MTA have launched 15 Select Bus Service routes citywide since 2008, providing 76 million annual trips. Select Bus Service has brought substantial benefits to bus riders and routes citywide Infrastructure […]

Anime: The Fast & The Furious

You don’t have to race him, Z. – It’s the only way I can honor my father’s legacy He built the perfect racing AI, but died in a mysterious car crash before he could prove it to the world It’s up to me now. There could have been a bug in his code, and it […]

2019 Medium SUV Comparison – Toyota RAV4 Hybrid v the rest | carsales

[Andrea] Medium SUVs keep Australian families moving and here are four of the best sellers. [Nadine] In fact they’re so good you could call them the best of the best. [Andrea]And the arrival of the all new Toyota RAV 4 has given us a greater excuse to line them up to find our favourite medium […]

Jeep Camper AEV “Outpost II” | S1 E03 | Terminal Apex

This car is a four-door Wrangler, and I turned it into a camper, and it kind of stemmed from this idea I had where I was down here in Utah freezing with some friends of mine camping, it was like -15 with a foot of snow and I was like “Man if I could just […]