2019 Medium SUV Comparison – Toyota RAV4 Hybrid v the rest | carsales

[Andrea] Medium SUVs keep Australian families moving and here are four of the best sellers. [Nadine] In fact they’re so good you could call them the best of the best. [Andrea]And the arrival of the all new Toyota RAV 4 has given us a greater excuse to line them up to find our favourite medium […]

The Verdict: 2017 Medium SUV Comparison | motoring.com.au

The multi-talented medium SUV combines liveability with driveability at an affordable price tag. Our four candidates are the pick of the bunch, and choosing a winner was not easy. Family buyers in particular want it all – so which one is the best? Let’s take a closer look. These similarly specified SUVs are line ball […]

Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus

Hi everyone, and welcome to another YouTube video from Razão Automóvel’s LA Special. This time we’re test driving the Lexus UX, a model that has surprised me by its dynamic performance, by how comfortable it is, and attention to detail. But enough talk – let’s get inside this car, hit the road, and see what […]