14 Crossovers And SUV’s From The 2018 New York Auto Show

This year’s New York auto show could barely be called a car show due to how many crossovers and SUVs were revealed. But as customers in the U.S. continue to favor utility vehicles, automakers are updating their lineups accordingly. From conventional utility vehicles to high-performance and fully-electric ones, the 2018 New York auto show had […]

Costa Rica Rent a Car Mid Size SUV Hyundai Tucson

In this video, I’m going to show you the Hyundai Tucson. This car comes in automatic, it’s 4×4, it’s an SUV and can hold up to 5 passengers so its very spacious and you can put a lot of luggage in it. It’s actually one of our favorite cars to drive in Costa Rica because […]

Jeep Compass | 2.0 diesel 4×4 è più ON che OFFroad [ENGLISH SUB]

We had first seen it in 2016 in Los Angeles, Here’s the Jeep Compass,similar to the Grand Cherokee, a car that has to compete against the Qashqai and the Tucson It’s 4.39 m long, 2.64 m of wheelbase, it has been developed on the Small Wide platform made by FCA and it has a similar […]

Hyundai Tucson 2018 這款SUV跟CR-V比,真的值得一試嗎? | 8891新車

歡迎收看8891的新車單元 我是阿基拉 今天來到現場的是Hyundai的Tucson1.6尊貴型 當你仔細去研究他的產品設定之後 你會發現其實他最主要的競爭對手 應該是1.5升設定的Honda CR-V 當初Tucson在開發的時候 其實是在紐伯林賽道上完成測試的 所以在這次的試駕中 他的底盤跟整體的操控表現 也會是我關注的一個焦點 在試駕過後我一樣會用一般消費者的觀點 來進行分析並且告訴大家 三個值得買跟三個不值得買的理由 我們現在坐在Tucson的裡面 你去看他整體的內裝設計其實 因為他細部的質感 其實是做的還不錯的 所以你第一時間並不會覺得他很陽春 真正會讓人家覺得陽春的部分 其實在於這個音響的主機 因為他的功能只有比較簡單就是 CD收音機USB跟AUX IN他甚至連藍牙都沒有 但他也有個好處就是他的按鍵設計的都很大 你在使用上是很方便的 就比較適合年長的人使用比較有親和力 配備的部分還有哪些我們來看一下 方向盤的部分他有四向調整功能 可以上下也可以前後 再加上駕駛座有電動調整的功能 所以說你可以調整到最適合你的駕駛坐姿 方向盤上面沒有換檔撥片 定速的功能在右邊 左邊是只有音響的功能 因為他沒有藍牙所以這邊也不會有電話的功能 這台車有光感應頭燈這蠻不錯的 空調系統的介面他是採用旋鈕式的設計 然後操作起來蠻簡易的 另外他跟收音機一樣 他都有一個很大的按鍵式設計 就蠻適合老人家來操作使用 而且平常你在按的時候也不容易分心 排檔座的部分我們實際使用 發現這個排檔頭的設計還不錯 你用起來蠻順手的而且他的檔位也算是明確 同時他也有提供手排模式可以使用 排檔座的後面這邊有一個駕駛模式的切換按鍵 你可以選擇ECO或是Sport模式這後面 這邊有一個陡坡緩降系統的開關 如果說你遇到一個很斜的斜坡的時候 你就可以使用這功能 你可以比如說你要設定時速5 讓他放開煞車之後他就會自己慢慢的下降 […]

2019 Medium SUV Comparison – Toyota RAV4 Hybrid v the rest | carsales

[Andrea] Medium SUVs keep Australian families moving and here are four of the best sellers. [Nadine] In fact they’re so good you could call them the best of the best. [Andrea]And the arrival of the all new Toyota RAV 4 has given us a greater excuse to line them up to find our favourite medium […]

The Verdict: 2017 Medium SUV Comparison | motoring.com.au

The multi-talented medium SUV combines liveability with driveability at an affordable price tag. Our four candidates are the pick of the bunch, and choosing a winner was not easy. Family buyers in particular want it all – so which one is the best? Let’s take a closer look. These similarly specified SUVs are line ball […]

Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus

Hi everyone, and welcome to another YouTube video from Razão Automóvel’s LA Special. This time we’re test driving the Lexus UX, a model that has surprised me by its dynamic performance, by how comfortable it is, and attention to detail. But enough talk – let’s get inside this car, hit the road, and see what […]