Adding new car to Endless Car Chase Template

The fastest way to create a new car is to duplicate (Ctrl+D) an existing one and modify it Rename the car prefab and then drag it into the scene so we can modify it The car model is made up of a Chassis and Wheels. In our case we have 4 wheels but you can […]

LEGO 4×4 Red Jeep How To Tutorial

Jaystepher presents a tutorial on a 4 x 4 red jeep complete with bumpers, complete with bumpers, spare tire with spare gas can, and will seat to minifigures side-by-side, and with tilt-wheel. So let’s get started! Let’s take a look at the 139 pieces that we’ll be using for this tutorial. Let’s take a look […]

Integrating UnityAds into Endless Car Chase game

First open the Unity Services from the top menu window Then choose your organization and Create the service Choose UnityAds from the list and turn it on, then choose the age group for your app You may need to turn it on a couple of times for it to catch on finally Turn on Test […]

🚜 How to Make Tractor from Matches Without Glue and Burn

Hello! what are we going to do today? wow! good bang! many boxes with matches … what to do with them? juggle? NO! hmmm… let’s see what we have here airplane? Me? Tractor? Tank? Tractor?? choose! begin! wait, now the tractor will explode … Ready? 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 […]

Smooth Finish with the Norton Mini Angle Sander – Custom Truck Rack Project

Hi, my name is Gregg here at Worcester Technical High School in Worcester, Mass. We’re here for a final step with our mini angle sander. We’re gonna go over changing abrasives and achieving our final results so stay tuned. So now that we’ve sanded this down we’re ready to shine it. Now I didn’t sand […]

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

Today I’m going to show you how to make a model of the coca cola lorry, it looks fantastic and makes a great Christmas decoration. We’re going to need 12 empty Coke cans, 11 plastic bottle tops, 4 kebab skewers, and a tube of super glue. First, we’re going to use a knife and a […]

Tractor Engine Restoration DVD on Sale Now!

Hi! I’m Harvey Hamilton and I would like to tell you about Tired Iron Videos new engine restoration DVD. Our comprehensive video guides you through your John Deere New Generation diesel engine rebuild. I will walk you through over 7 hours of detailed restoration. This double disc set pairs perfectly with your technical manuals providing […]

How-To Tear Down Classic Jeep for Rebuild Motorz #51

I’m Chris Duke and today on Motorz we’re tearing down our 1968 Jeep CJ 5 called ‘Project Blue Dog.’ Hey welcome to a fun and exciting new season of Motorz TV. We’ve got a lot of big changes in store for you guys and all of them are blue. For one thing, my shirt is […]

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

today I’m going to show you a clever little trick to stop the inside of your car windows missing up and getting wet to do this we’re going to use a pair of socks and I’m gonna fill them with cat litter i’m using this silicon crystal cut letter which is super absorbent it helps […]

How to Build a Basic LEGO Pickup Truck TUTORIAL

Hello this is Jaystepher here. I’m going to be bring to you another Lego tutorial, and today we’re going to be building this basic blue little truck. So let’s get started. The first thing we’re going to do to make a Lego, or chassis out of Lego for our truck. So we are gonna take […]