Lifting your Jeep 4 inches without big power tools – Part 1

Okay now we’re going to drop the transfer case. Basically I have these two brackets right here that you can drop. Some transfer case drop kits have little, kind of like cylinder things that just go inside where the bolts go inside. This kit came with whole bars that go right here. So this is […]

Volvo XC90 2017 CAR FACTORY – HOW IT’S MADE Manufacturing SAFETY Luxury SUV

Volvo XC90 How I’s Made Assemply Line Car Factory + Bonus Top Safety System Crash Test

JUMPING from the HIGHEST BUILDING in TRUCK GTA GAMES 2001-2019 (Evolution)


Catching a Bus – Learn English Conversation

Welcome to Teaching you English through two-minute lessons. In this lesson, we will learn how to talk to someone while catching a bus. In this lesson, we will learn how to talk to someone while catching a bus. Sure. What is it? Could you tell me when the next bus to Parkington Lane will […]

✔ Minecraft: How to make an Ice Cream Truck

How to make an ice cream truck. The ice cream truck we’re about to build,will be able to play music,store ice cream,sell ice cream from the side of the truck,all while looking awesome! The pink, brown and white colors of clay is the color of ice cream I find the most decorative. You should your […]

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

today I’m going to show you a clever little trick to stop the inside of your car windows missing up and getting wet to do this we’re going to use a pair of socks and I’m gonna fill them with cat litter i’m using this silicon crystal cut letter which is super absorbent it helps […]

Insane car battery hack

-(announcer) You’ve seen the other battery hacks. The 9-volt… Lame! The 6-volt… Lame! And the 12-volt… Mega lame! Not this one though. We’re gonna hack a car battery and save you millions of dollars a year. First, borrow your buddy’s keys to his car and pop the hood open. Find the battery and take it […]

CTA – How to Load a Bike on a CTA Bus (Aug. 09)

Host: It must take an expert to load that bike on a bus, right? Not at all – it’s a simple process that anyone can master. Jeffery: When you’re waiting at a bus stop to put your bike on a bus, it’s really important to follow a few simple safety rules. First, wait until the […]