Truck Guy Confessions

(mournful music) – “I measure my truck rim lips with monopoly money “just so I can say it’s a full bill deep.” I hope this is the only thing you measure with monopoly money. (laughs) – “I measure my truck rim lips with monopoly money “just so I can say it’s a full bill deep.” […]

How to Create Cinematic Car Shots with Insta360 One X, DIY Camera Car Rig, Bushman monopod review

In this video, you’ll learn how to make cinematic car shots with a DIY camera car rig. You’ll learn how to make awesome car videos that look like they were shot by a camera car, but you’ll be able to do it without a camera crew. Now by the way, if you’re new to this […]

Jeep Wrangler TJ Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty Front 1310 CV Greaseable Driveshaft Reivew & Install

lHey, what’s up, guys? Ryan here from ExtremeTerrain. And today I’m here with the Adams Driveshaft Heavy Duty Front 1310 Greaseable CV Driveshaft. This is gonna be for those of you guys that have a ’97 to 2006 Jeep Wrangler TJ but unfortunately, this is not going to work for you Rubicon or Unlimited guys. […]

CLASSIC CAR FOUND IN STORAGE UNIT! I bought an abandoned storage unit and found car

ladies and gentlemen boys and girls today 180 190 190 200 let’s go quarters how about two and a quarter 200 whisper quarter two and a quarter and half two and a half 75 75 she said no 75 how much 500 bucks 25 any 525 no 525 525 525 twice he stole I wouldn’t […]

How to Replace the Fuel Filter on a 100 Series Lawn Tractor

You’ve reached the fuel filter service interval and now it’s time for a replacement. Before we walk through the steps, make sure your mower is parked safely on flat ground with the engine off, deck down, park brake set and the key removed from the ignition. If the mower has been in use, allow time […]

Jeep Wrangler JL RedRock 4×4 HD Tailgate Mounted Tire Carrier Review & Install

This RedRock 4×4 HD tailgate mounted tire carrier is for anyone with the 2018 and up JL, that’s looking to be able to mount a larger spare tire in the factory spare tire location, and in fact, use that factory spare tire carrier, but wants to be able to move it up and out a […]

If You Don’t Have This Cheap Luxury Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about the cheapest Lexus the Lexus is250 is it a good car or not, now this is a 2015 is 250 and yes it is that huge scowling grill I personally find them absurd looking aside from the looks which frankly you don’t see most of the […]

If You Don’t Have This in Your Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines welcome to mechanic Monday where I try out actual products then tell you about the good ones that pass my tests now the first thing I’m talking about is this dash cam i have tried out scores of these dash cams a lot of the cheaper ones are just that cheap […]

Installing a 12,000LB Winch on my Jeep Wrangler TJ

welcome to my Jeep again and let’s go check out what we’re doing today alright so some of you are going to bitch because it’s a Harbor Freight winch but you know what they make good stuff so here it is the 9,000 pound winch and we’re going to be going to install this here’s […]

How to Fix Your Lawn Mower

Well you tried to start your lawnmower this morning and it looks like your not going to be able to mow that lawn unless you can get this thing rolling. So if you have these symptoms: that it won’t start, you have no power, or rough idle; I’m going to tell you how to get […]