How To Mix Clear Coat Using Paint Mixing Cups with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey guys if you’ve ever had questions about how to mix clear coat while we’re going to show you exactly how to properly mix a catalyzed clear code system because it’s really important that you stay within the manufacturer’s recommendations on the mix ratio now the ratio has nothing to do with volume it’s not […]

MAX PAINTS RAINBOW CAR | Amazing Pencil Cartoon

Welcome to The Incredible Max and Puppy dog! Enjoy watching this new episode :)) MAX PAINTS RAINBOW CAR | Amazing Pencil Cartoon Thank you for your coming! Please like, share and subscribe for more Max and Puppy Dog!

How To Prep A Car For Primer and Paint – Eastwood Mustang Project

– Hey YouTube viewers, this is Donnie Smith, and welcome to another Eastwood video series. Now, in the past videos in this Eastwood series, we’ve been working on dents, showing you how to locate and repair dents, how to disassemble the parts of a car. In this video, we’re gonna go over some of the […]

Can Body Filler Bondo Be Applied On Plastic Bumper Covers? Q&A

– Can bondo be applied on plastic bumper covers? This is a question I was asked an in this video, I’m gonna answer it. (car engine revs) (thumping music) Hey YouTube, Donnie Smith here, and welcome to another Q and A video. These are the videos where I answer some of the questions you have […]

How To Paint a Car Part 4 Mini Course

So we got most of the body work done, we went around the whole car one time with our body filler, now we’re gonna mix a little bit of epoxy up and go over that rear spoiler again and maybe some of the body kit on the back – the back side skirts. And what […]

How to Custom Paint A Car With Marble Effect (EASY)

– [Donnie] This is Donnie Smith, and I’m gonna show you something really cool in this video, this makes a very neat effect. It looks like you did something really hard, but it’s really easy to do. First thing you wanna do is spray black base coat wherever you’re gonna be doing this and we’ve […]

Does Primer Sealer Have To Be Sprayed Before Base Coat?

– Hey, this is Donnie Smith, and I got a question on my YouTube channel and I wanna make this quick video to answer it. It’s a good question. I think I’d do a much better job trying to explain this rather than to type a response. It comes from 49S13. Would there be a […]

Block Sanding and Priming 66 Mustang Hood – Auto Parts Warehouse Video Part 2

– For auto tips, tricks and training, go to to subscribe for free. Of course, watch this video first, then go to – Now what we’re gonna do is we’re gonna go ahead and block this hood out for any highs and lows. We know we’re gonna have to sand this out. We’re […]