5 Fastest Cars For Under $10,000!

– [Sean] What up nerds? And welcome back to the channel. Today we’re gonna change it up a little bit and we’re gonna talk about something I’m very passionate about and that’s getting the most horsepower per dollar when buying a used car. And this is my list of the top five powerhouse values on […]

Volvo Trucks – Trailer: Aiming for the world speed record

Just below us is probably a new FIA world land speed record-breaking truck. It’s called The Iron Knight from Volvo. I say probably because we haven’t tried it yet. The runway is now closed. Stand by. OK, we’re ready for our first run. We’re starting in five, four, three, two, one. Go! There he goes. […]

The Crew 2: April Vehicle Drop Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]


Deaf Mudders Association goes to Iron Horse!

Hey this todd with TSR performance Iron Horse mud ranch and we’re here at the Super Bog Having a great time. It’s been a awesome weekend here Tons of people having a bunch of fun. We just finished up the bounty hole and we had 32 of The biggest trucks in my opinion in the […]

Karlmann King: The $1 Million SUV | RIDICULOUS RIDES

Luciano: This is the most expensive SUV in the world. It’s absolutely unique. With a starting price of over $1,000,000. this is the world’s most expensive SUV. And it even comes, with optional bullet proofing. Designed by Luciano D’Ambrosio, this is the Karlmann King. Luciano: When you are in this business for so many years, […]

Head-to-Head | 2019 Ford Edge vs. 2019 Jeep Grand Cherokee | Ford Canada

Looking at the Jeep Grand Cherokee? Put it up against the 2019 Ford Edge. Edge gives you more of what you want with the most V6 horsepower in its class, more Cargo room for your stuff, and the ease of a hands-free Liftgate. The Grand Cherokee doesn’t. And for us, looking out for you is […]

Dodge Durango & Jeep Grand Cherokee 3.6L [#77-1560KTK] Air Intake Installation

This K&N air intake system was designed to increase vehicle power and acceleration by reducing restriction in the intake path. The 77-1560KTK air intake system fits 2011 Dodge Durango and 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee models with 3.6L liter engines. The 77-1560KTK air intake system is not legal for highway use in California or other states […]

‘Indestructible’ Car Survives Bombs and Drives Through Walls

00:11 COMM: Described as the world’s most unstoppable vehicle, this is The Marauder. 00:18 COMM: Built by the Paramount Group in South Africa, it’s become one of the best known armoured vehicles in the world since it’s launch in 2007. 00:28 COMM: The Marauder was developed for peacekeeping and reconnaissance missions, and holds a crew […]

Could Electric Cars Have A Manual Transmission?

Hello everyone and welcome! In this video we’re going to be talking about whether or not future electric vehicles could be using traditional manual transmissions. Now this is the second video of a five part series where i’ve partnered with Formula E to answer questions about electric cars and this topic was actually inspired by […]

Amphibious Houseboat Hits The Road | RIDICULOUS RIDES

THEON PARSEGHIAN: Sure enough 500 people show up for this thing and I am there with a boat that may or may not float. So it’s a little nerve-wracking. COMM: 29-year-old mechanic, Theon, recently bought a houseboat. COMM: He combined it with a tractor to build this unusual creation, an amphibious houseboat. THEON PARSEGHIAN: So, […]