Stained Glass Driverless Car of the Future goes on show

so this is where the stained-glass driverless sleeper car of the future has been so that took a long time to make and it opens up here.. with a bed inside, you can see in there so you can go to sleep after you’ve told the car where you want to go then the car […]

Car Audio Amp & Midrange Speakers vs Wine Glass – Will it break? Fun Experiment!

All right, I got a little something fun that I want to try today and I got just the right speakers to do it Some CT sounds per audio eights And a couple of wine glasses, come on, let’s go Poor ohms continuous watts 150 Same thing over here. So 300 watts. I think we’ll […]

Rain-x Anti Fog – Classic Car Driving In Winter

welcome to VW classic fix I’m Ricky and today we’re going to be looking at rain-x anti-fog and why this can be incredibly handy when it comes to driving your volkswagen and winter rain-x put out a couple of products they’re most famous for the water repellent but this anti-fog stuff is really good first […]

Lahore City Bus Stand Tour & China Auto Influence In Pak Traffic 2019

small glass 15 rupees and big glass 20 rupees small glass 15 rupees and big glass 20 rupees small glass 15 rupees and big glass 20 rupees small glass 15 rupees and big glass 20 rupees

How to Stop Car Windows Steaming Up

today I’m going to show you a clever little trick to stop the inside of your car windows missing up and getting wet to do this we’re going to use a pair of socks and I’m gonna fill them with cat litter i’m using this silicon crystal cut letter which is super absorbent it helps […]

Windshield Glass Installation – Kaiser Willys Jeep Parts

For Build Your Willys, this is willys jeep Glass plit windshield installation today on Build Your Willys we’ll be looking at Mike Meditz 1946 Willys CJ 2A from we’re going to be looking at how to install glass and weather seals the first step is we’re gonna have to free the inner windshield by […]

Car Glass: Cleaning and Polishing — /DRIVE CLEAN

LARRY KOSILLA: Today, I’m at FMI, which is the Northeastern vehicle press fleet management company for GM, BMW, and Mini. When the press need to review their cars for their publications, this is where they come to check them out. Coming up on today’s episode, we are going to be talking about one of my […]

Broken Car Window Turned Beautiful Necklace?! I Home Grown Episode 1

Have you ever looked at your car window and thought “Hey I could probably make some pretty cool jewelry out of it!” Yea, me neither but someone in Cleveland did, and her name’s Deanna Dionne. Let’s go check her out! Deanna what’s up how are you girl! Give me hug! So this is where the […]

Using 3D Products WATERLESS Car Wash to clean your car at home on your car

[MUSIC] Thank you for checking out 3D Products I’m Donald Williams you can go ahead and show you how to use 3D Waterless Car Wash at home. It’s perfect for the home use anyone can do it. It’s much easier to do and use it home then actually pulling out the water hose, the bucket […]