1995 96 97 98 99 GM Truck Ignition Lock Cylinder Removal (Chevy Cadillac & GMC)

guys I’m going to show in a video today it’s a pretty short one on how to remove the ignition lock cylinder from the ah from the steering housing here on this 98 Chevrolet Cheyenne ah you start with removing this lower plastic shroud this tilt lever just snaps out there’s a little detent here […]

GM Has Stopped Making Car Parts, You Can’t Fix Your Car Anymore

rev up your engines, some people might not have thought out with that UAW GM strike it’s not really affecting the ability to buy one of their new vehicles cuz they had so many of them lying around cuz they had horrible sales so they’re not running out of cars to sell you but they […]

MASSIVE Classic Car Show | Toronto

What is going on you guys welcome back to the channel It’s your boy Nelson here with another car video for you here today We are going to be taking my classic car to a classic car show in Toronto Like you have probably seen from a couple of my other videos from the past. […]

Which automaker company owns your favorite car brand? You’d be surprised

Not to disappoint you but most badges you see on your favorite cars are not as transparent as you think they are today I’ll be showing you which automakers own your favorite car brands My name is Christian, and this is vehicle Virals make sure to subscribe for weekly out of motive content Let’s begin […]

The History of Concept Cars | WheelHouse

– [Male Speaker] Trendsetting, crowd pleasing, outlandish, it’s the concept car. A fantasy vehicle filled with possibility and wonder. But don’t fall in love with that Nissan IDX, or Porsche Mission E, because the reality is, the rubber will never meet the road. What, it’s just a showpiece? Ah, so why build these dream machines […]

Teen Girl Rebuilds Car from Scratch

[Saw sounds] BOB EREKSON: She breaks the mold of what we think of as what girls are interested in versus what guys are interested in. She’s an individual. KATHRYN DiMARIA: Welding, grinding, cutting, sanding. I’d much rather wear grease than makeup. BOB EREKSON: Her mind works like an engineer. She wants to know why. JERRY […]

Do online sites help simplify the purchase? Not so much

Buying a new or used vehicle is complex and irritating. That’s been my experience when buying two vehicles — new and used — in the past year. My wife’s lease was coming to an end and she was taking the new crossover we bought last year. With the new crossover being our family-hauler, I wanted […]