Can You Guess The Youtuber By Their Car?

Can you guess the youtuber by their car? If you know that youtuber well enough, you’ll actually be able to guess them by their car That’s only if you’re a true fan of that youtuber, but welcome to reaction time. We’re doing the test. Can you guess the youtuber by their car? Without further ado […]

The Most Creative Car Owners In The World

– [Narrator] Sometimes, creative car alterations need to be made out of necessity. Other times, inspiration. Either way, these owners turned their vehicles into testaments to their imagination. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the most creative car owners ever to set rubber to road. (digital beeps) – Amazing! – [Narrator] […]

DODGING HEAVY STUFF with RC CARS!! (From 45m Tower)

And we Right track here at the tower And we’re gonna give ourselves one minute to complete as many laps as a little track as you can oh But huge battle the other two I’m gonna be throwing stuff from the top and Bill’s all sorts of ridiculous things We’ve really got the craziest stuff […]