Project GTI: Paintless Dent Removal

hello and welcome to another episode of project GTI today we’re going to repair this dent we made our dent and now we have to fix it so weve come down to the the experts so we’re here with Morris and the DentPro pro team and they want to fix the car for us. While […]

How to MIG Weld, Repair a Door or Fender and Save Money from Eastwood

as mark on today’s rd corner we’re going to teach you how to make well show your real world application by preparedness door skin here we’re going to do is show you the performance and value of these units and how they can pay for themselves in the first job let’s get started all right […]

How To Paint A Car – Bare Metal to Clearcoat – Steps To Painting a Car At Home with Kevin Tetz

this panel represents the basic layers and the breakdown of a paint system from the bare steel up starting of course with a bare steel and polyester fillers followed by an epoxy coat which protects the bare steel against corrosion and into a 2k urethane that’s designed for sanding and blocking followed of course by […]

Can Body Filler Bondo Be Applied On Plastic Bumper Covers? Q&A

– Can bondo be applied on plastic bumper covers? This is a question I was asked an in this video, I’m gonna answer it. (car engine revs) (thumping music) Hey YouTube, Donnie Smith here, and welcome to another Q and A video. These are the videos where I answer some of the questions you have […]