8 Ways To STOP Dangerous Vehicles!

people often want to be a superhero at the same time they want to catch some thieves who always run away after stealing precious good welcome to DTI today we’re counting down our top list on some cool gadget that will provide the power to stop things that seem to be unstoppable so sit back […]

Meg’s Apathetic Car Reviews – The FERRARI 458

good morning YouTube this is Megan’s apathetic car reviews I’ve got one up on a lot of the car of yours out there cuz I know absolutely nothing and I have no desire to know any more so let me promise you that this video was entirely unresearched and I have spent zero time weighing […]

Reviewing TJ Hunts Cars

– My head hurts. – You know what makes my head hurt? – Wrestling. – No, the year 2000. – (laughing) That’s gonna be really weird out of context. – (laughing) 20 years ago. – Damn. – We were talking about wrestling before this. – It’s weird. – Wrestling’s weird. What’s up guys, Dakota from […]

Amerikan 4×4 Hummer H2 Jeep Araba İnceleme | Off Road Araba

I wonder if I made a presentation through the window of this new a week with new video al. This week our guest is with Hummer H2, which is bigger than my height. You know They are divided into three as H1 H2 H3 family. Their production doesn’t take long. For example, this vehicle started […]

Geneva Motor Show 2018 | The 14 cars you need to see | Autocar

Welcome to the best motor show of the year, Autocar is bringing you everything from McLaren, Porsche, Volkswagen, Jaguar, everybody because this is the 2018 Geneva Motor Show. We’re going to start with the car that’s behind me which is the new Toyota Supra, hmm of a fashion. Toyota, still, are not telling us very […]

Why Everyone is Registering Their Car in Montana

[Engine Revving] – Seeing a Supercar in person is rare but have you ever noticed when you see one in the wild, it always has either a Montana or Vermont plate? Why are these cars registered in these states? Are they tax havens? Are they good driving states? Are Vermont and Montana the only states […]

Alla Ricerca Della Mia PROSSIMA AUTO!

Ciao everyone, here it’s Marchettino and today we hunt my next car! As you’ve seen, the M3 is officially gone, it has a new owner and that means there’s an empty spot in the garage a spot to fill and for the occasion I’m at Milano Autoclassica to check out the cars for sale, to […]

Isuzu TRAVIZ : Lightweight Truck for Business : Cars Philippines 2020

Good Day Guys and Welcome to another episode of Riding in Tandem with me R.M. and me Ellaine and in this episode we will review something new from Isuzu The Isuzu Traviz 2019 / 2020 are you ready?!Lets GO! but before we continue, I will tell you our history with Isuzu my grandfather was a […]

Pagani Huayra: Test Drive in Italy – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[SCREECHING TIRES] CHRIS HARRIS: This is the brief story of our trip to visit Pagani and drive the Huayra. These are crazy smash-and-grab raids, really. Shoot what you can, live for the moment, and a part of me exists purely for this. [AIRPORT NOISES] CHRIS HARRIS: We just landed in Bologna. And the baggage carousel […]

Honest Car Wash Review – Xtreme Xperience

hey guys I’m rich from Xtreme Xperience, I’m one Juan’s our expert detailer we’re gonna put honest wash to the test so we’re gonna give you a quick reviewed and see how it does on this GTR that’s been on the racetrack all weekend stay tuned so we just mixed up a nice healthy dosage […]