Remember my friends of “Ruote in Pista”? the ones with whom I shot the video of the civic type r, and c 43 amg? A few days ago they called me and told me: “Listen, we have a small car of just 510HP would like to try it for two days?” And guess what I […]

The Most Eccentric Car Collection, Uncut — JALOPNIK ON /DRIVE

MIKE SPINELLI: So tell me the Jalopnik story behind that car over there. MYRON VERNIS: The Deutsch-Bonnet, the Jalopnik story behind the white Deutsch-Bonnet. I don’t even know how it got on Jalopnik. But I think I sent a picture to Phil or someone. They were talking about wacky cars and big motors. And at […]

Living With the McLaren MP4-12C – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[MUSIC PLAYING] [ENGINE REVVING] The MP4-12C is quite simply a supercar you could live with every single day of the year, if you wanted to. It’s a car with heated seats and dual climate control. And, to be honest with you, the ride comfort of a Rolls Royce. But that last bit’s a lie, because […]

Sold the Porsche, Bought a Ferrari 599 – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[ENGINE REVVING] Good evening, everyone. A few weeks ago I bought a Ferrari. Now why buy a Ferrari when you’ve, quite publicly, stated that you don’t like the company? Well, because I like the cars and I miss not driving the cars. But really this is about value. You see, 599 prices in the UK […]

The Deadliest Cars Ever Made

How deadly is your car? Perhaps your current vehicle isn’t the safe and secure ride you think it is and instead, it’s a potential accident waiting to happen. Unfortunately, some cars are deadlier than others, and you could be driving in one of these rolling coffins without even knowing it. In the ’80s, the Yugo […]

How do Braking Systems Work on a Formula One Car?

Today we are going to talk about the braking systems on a Formula One car, how the various parts work individually and how they work together as a combined system. So, when a driver presses on the brake pedal in a Formula One car, the force he is applying to the brake pedal is applied […]

Lamborghini URUS 🔥 | Najszybszy SUV na świecie! | Pierwszy polski test | FUN and DRIVE

A subscriber named Agnieszka called us and said she’s looking for a big SUV, a much more S than U one. – Any particular price range? She didn’t say and that’s why we suggest no less than the Lamborghini Urus! It’s supposed to be the world’s fastest SUV. And it sure as hell is! Hit […]

Surprising FaZe Banks with a NEW CAR (emotional)

Aye you honestly deserve a surprise, bro you’ve been killin’ it. yeah- look, come over here bro I got you a car, bro!! (cheering) Yo what is up guys, back for another video all the comments takin’ bout oh Rice is actually posting everyday, I’m so proud of em Guys, I’m tryna make ya guys […]

650匹不獨享!超級SUV出擊 Lamborghini Urus

🔥Go車誌官方IG帳號正式上線啦🔥 [email protected] 分享更多試車秘辛給大家! 今天我們要試駕的車型是Lamborghini的URUS 那我想你如果Go車誌看久喔 或是稍微了解我的應該知道我們不太試超跑 我有幾個超跑的朋友喔 常都在講說他們不看汽車媒體 因為他們覺得汽車媒體不懂這些超跑 他們也覺得汽車媒體呢 一日試車不會去試到這類車型的精髓 我為了這個啊 我今天試這台車 我前幾天還去找了我朋友 他正好也有一台這個 但是它有很多地方配備是不一樣的 那說到配備 先大家講一下 GAMA目前呢 對於選配的價錢 他並沒有公佈 並沒有公開 所以假設你對這台車有興趣的話 可能你要直接去展示間跟業代直接詢問價錢 第二個部分 就是交車日期 今年沒有車了 你現在去展示間訂車 也要明年才能夠交車了 好那我們今天試駕這一台就是 售價接近台幣一千萬 你給他一千萬 他只找你幾千塊999萬8900塊 只還你1100塊的Lamborghini的URUS 🔥Go車誌官方IG帳號正式上線啦🔥 Follow @Buycartv 分享更多試車秘辛給大家! 我們來看它的外型 首先第一個 這是我第二次看到它的實車 我第一次它的實車是我朋友來接我 我說我過兩天要試這台車 你稍微讓我了解一下 那這台車喔 你看照片和看影片和看實車 它的實車真的看起來會比較大台一點 也因為這樣 因為畢竟它的軸距三米 接近三米 車長超過五米 所以說它的整個車身的比例和尺碼 會比你想像還要來得大 今天我們介紹了所有外觀內裝 包含了底盤包含了一些顏色的搭配 有很多是要選配的 但是選配價格我們並沒有 […]


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