Autism | Sensory Items From Play Visions | B Wee’s Bus

♪ Yellow bus ♪ ♪ Yellow bus ♪ ♪ Yellow bus ♪ ♪ Yellow bus ♪ (upbeat music) – [David] A company called Play Visions sent us some items for Braylee to try out and for us to review, so we’re gonna pull those out today. Perfect day for it, this week’s been not a […]

SUNRISE JEEP TOUR WITH JEEP MERAPI 86 | Things to do in Indonesia

hi good morning guys today we’re up at Marathi we’re at a jeep to a place called Marathi ji 86 and we’re here with Sarah and Jules and Seth and our nice driver whose English is really good this is the jeep that we’re riding in today hi jack yes and he’s got really long […]

Gabriel Farts in Car

So we’re driving down the street and the baby is making a lot of noise and all of a sudden he gets quiet and stops. you wonder why? what’s going on? let’s see. (low fart noise) Hahaha now he’s pooping. Haha


– I’m about to do something that I’ve been wanting to do for a long freaking time. It’s gonna happen right here. Oh my gosh, I want one of everything. – The only thing Carl wants is to buy me one. – [Carl] Everything, oh, oh, that’s it. We’re gonna put Tag on there and […]


so Now let’s just go and buy the spicy Noodles Right? The Water Ice cream Milk yeah yeah okay transition spicy transition Hey ya Guys so Now we’re here the korean grocery store right there Let’s see if they’re so Spicy Noodles Natalia are you Ready? Yeah Now it’s time to create spies huh you […]


– Oh my goodness, there is something going on up ahead. Slow down, babe, here comes more emergency vehicles. (upbeat music) All right, well we are headed down to the continental breakfast this morning and hoping to find good news and that we’ll be able to leave today. This is like day three of being […]

New Truck for Shari?

– They’re beautiful, aren’t they? – Last year we hired to drive the kids to school. This year is a little different. – With the seat presets, does this mean I ever get to drive your truck? – [Dad] Absolutely. (mom gasps) – What? – What if Shari wanted to drive the truck and you […]

RC ADVENTURES – Tips for Travelling with an RC / Battery on an Airplane!

– [Man] Hi Mom! – Hola. – [Man] Hi Morris! – Hi! – [Man] How are ya? – Good. – [Man] Where are we? – In Mexico. – [Man] In Puerta Vallarta, that’s right. Taking some time to enjoy the sun and I brought down my Ford F150. Who a lot of viewers will recognize […]

Exploring O’Reilly Auto Parts Store in America

hey good morning guys and welcome back to the vlog this is our new car that I serve to the other day but there’s some little minor things that we want to do to it so today we thought we would take you to a special store we have here in America it is an […]

Car Wash!

– [Woman] Get him, get Daddy, get Daddy! (shouting) (laughter) (rhythmic clapping) – Good morning, I decided to do a smoothie for breakfast, and I saw a video recently where you use a straw with strawberries. I don’t know if you’ve seen it, but I decided to try it, so here we go. ‘kay, kids, […]