High Temp Engine Paint & Coatings – 2K Primers to OEM Color Paints – Eastwood

a freshly-painted engine can be the crown jewel on your restoration and really be a nice payoff for all that hard work so if you’ve ever wanted to know how to properly paint an engine we got some great tips for you the first thing like any painting project is getting clean get clean get […]

PRE Painting Prep – Clean Parts for Paint – from Eastwood

PRE Paint Prep If you are looking for the perfect way to remove silicone, wax, grease and dirt, use Eastwood’s pre-paint prep. Just spray it on and wipe it off. It helps promote paint adhesion and should always be the final step in metal and autobody paint prep. It is also great for cleaning parts […]

HHO Generator – Water to Fuel Converter

Can you make water explode? Well, maybe not water per-se, but with a simple technique, we can turn one of the most abundant materials on earth, into a highly explosive gas. In this project we’re building a generator that uses electricity to convert this, into this. For this project we’re going to need some stainless […]

How To Clean & Polish Small Parts – Hardware – Rifle Casings – Coins – Vibratory Tumbler – Eastwood

you’ll hate to waste our time cleaning small parts that’s why vibratory tumblers great it doesn’t dirty work for you what you’re doing something else plus it can be used not only to clean car parts but also rifle casings old coins and even jewelry all 45 an 18-pound tumblr that means an 18-pound number […]