Volvo Trucks – Testing Volvo FH with I-Save: “It’s a new concept in fuel-efficient trucks.”

It’s a new concept, because it does several things at once. Technically, with the energy recovery turbine, backed up by a software strategy for the gearbox that is very comprehensive, I believe it’s a new concept in fuel-efficient trucks.

Volvo Trucks – Testing Volvo FH with I-Save: “The difference is obvious.”

The difference is obvious. The driver feels the increased torque. With Turbo Compound it climbs hills differently, at lower engine revs, shifts later or not at all. It’s definitely noticeable.

Volvo Trucks – Putting the new Volvo FH with I-Save to the test

This is Volvo FH with I-Save, Volvo Trucks’ most fuel-efficient truck to date. But how do you know that? Well, ask this guy. He put I-Save to the test on some of the most demanding roads in the Czech Republic. By combining the latest hardware and software, Volvo FH with I-Save can cut fuel costs […]

Florence to Siena by bus

Siena, in the heart of Italy’s Tuscany region, is one of the great medieval cities to explore. It’s a UNESCO world heritage site. It is so well preserved that it attracts visitors by the millions and yet most people don’t spend the night here. They are visiting on a day trip, maybe three hours, half […]

Volvo Trucks – Journalists test drive the new Volvo FH with I-Save

The driving experience today was very good, a much bigger surprise than I thought it would be. There’s quite a dramatic change between the non-Turbo Compound version and the new one. From the first press of the accelerator, once you start moving, the extra 300 Nm of torque is delivered straight away. It’s a new […]

Bratislava to Ljubljana by Bus Travel Vlog

Well good morning good morning. It is far too early for me. I think it is maybe six. Oh my gosh. Yeah. Six thirty. We need to leave soon. We really do. So today is a travel day. We’re leaving Bratislava and going to Ljubljana via Vienna so we’re going to be walking to the […]

Europe Bus Travel from Budapest, Hungary to Krakow, Poland

Well good morning good morning from Budapest. We are back from Kyrgyzstan. We really didn’t vlog any of that because our flight was like at what six in the morning. Yeah. We were up at four. We were so drowsy and we just slept on both flights. Yeah, we were proper zombies. Yes. And we […]

Bad Drivers in Sweden #166 Roundabouts, red lights, moped cars and fails

Supporta mig gärna via Högerfilen är endast för högersväng. Skyltar och vägmarkeringar är så svåra att läsa… gissar att det är p.g.a all snö vi har här i Sverige… Bilen i högerfilen har fortfarande rött. Inte det bästa stället att stanna på! Du får inte stanna på en motortrafikled bara för att du blir […]

Bath, UK bus tour

As in most tourist towns, there is a worthwhile bus tour of Bath that covers the main sights, although impressions of a small town like this are best gained on foot, so don’t fall into the trap of the lazy tourist and let the bus substitute for the walks through town. Bath is not very […]


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