Cassie, napayakap kay Kristoff sa jeep | Kadenang Ginto (With Eng Subs)

Please buy some. How much? 100 for verything, ma’am. No. Let me. This is too much. No. Keep it. Really? – Yeah. – Thank you. Thank you. Here. Do you think I’m a religous relic? What do you think you’re doing? I’m sorry. But this is my first time to ride the jeepney. So please, […]

Kevin Hart Breaks His Silence After Car Crash

Kevin Hart broke his silence a month after a horrific car crash changed his life the comedian posted a two-minute video on Instagram talking about how his perspective on life has been altered Hart said You know when God talks you gotta listen I swear life is funny Because some of the craziest things that […]

We Need to Get These Cars Apart! – Chicago Fire (Episode Highlight)

– Just be careful here. The car is shifting. – Cruz, Tony, get some cribbing. Keep it stable. I’ll grab the Jaws. – Is she gonna be okay? – Just step back. – Just hold on. We’ll get you out. – We need to get these cars apart. – I can throw a chain on […]

I WRAPPED MY EXES CAR WITH MY FACE (i’ve never made him this mad)

Hi This video is a fucking disaster if I didn’t spend my entire fucking bank account on this prank I just like wouldn’t have uploaded it and I have to make my money back somehow so like hopefully this tape monetize and hopefully you’re watching it. Hi I honestly just didn’t know what I was […]

The Culture at Hull Truck Theatre

*Jaunty jazz music plays* Ahhh, yes. *Hums* Must be for City of Culture. Like an art installation! (On the phone) Hey, where are you guys? *Bangs on the window* It’s basically about the futility of modern life. Oi! Do you mind? Oh hello sir! This is my rubbish, not an art installation! Oh well I […]

ANGST: Bus Stop Education

not exactly what you picture as a kid huh waiting at the bus stop after working ten hours at your minimum-wage job should’a finished high school Tommy that’s an impression of my dad I mean we as human beings put too much emphasis on money and all its trappings but not us right I was […]