Cool BIG FIRE TRUCKS Kids Song | Music Video | DVD gift for child | James Coffey

Here They Come Roaring Down The Street With Their Lights A Flashing Through The Blazing Heat The Engines Roar And The Tires Squeal The Need Is Urgent And The Danger is Real Trouble Big Or Trouble Small There’s No Worries They Can Handle It All If You Need Some Help Why You’re In Luck Because […]

BEST MONSTER TRUCK CLASSIC CRASHES | Battle, Return and War of the Monster Trucks

Monster truck fans, get ready to journey back in time to witness history in the making. For the first time in almost 25 years, you are about to experience the thundering action of the monster truck superstars that started it all. So, get ready for the greatest monster truck shows on earth. These are the […]

Lots & Lots of Trucks | Monster Trucks, Fast Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Fire Trucks | James Coffey

Here they come… the biggest most powerful trucks in the world! It’s Lots and Lots of Trucks! Big trucks, little trucks, diesel, freight, and firefighting trucks. Even trucks that blow through snow! Old trucks, new trucks, fast trucks, slow trucks, smokin’ trucks, even trucks from down on the farm. Plus diggers, dozers, dumpers, and much, […]

My Favorite Tractor Song for Kids | Lots & Lots of Trucks | James Coffey

Please stay tuned for a money-saving offer at the end of this video. My tractor can do many things Like plow and till the land It helps me do the toughest jobs Like digging dirt and sand I don’t know what I’d do Without my trusty tractor friend It helps me do most everything like […]


Hello there – You see me on the streets in your neighborhood all the time – I’m a garbage truck, although some folks like to call me a refuse truck or recycling truck. You know, people sure make a lot of waste – each person in America makes more than four pounds of garbage every […]