Custom ’72 Postal Jeep Truck – Stone Cold Customs SEMA 2014 – Eastwood

everybody it’s matt from eastwood company we’re at SEMA 2014 and when you’re walking around you see a lot of muscle cars and things you see every single year when you walk by this booth this is something you really got to take it a double take this thing is really cool with jim from […]

RESQ1 Field & Service Jeep – SEMA – Eastwood

yeah everybody it’s matt from the school company where I see me 2013 that will admit a lot of years we kind of heavy on the street rod muscle car stuff but we also love off-road vehicles and we’re with Kristen from JP magazine jeeps are one of the fastest growing trends in the automotive […]

How To Remove Rust: Treating & Preventing Rust on R&D Corner from Eastwood

hey this is JR product manager for the eastwood company did you know rust cost american consumers twenty three point four billion dollars a year and maintenance and repair cost rust occurs when oxygen combines with moisture to attack the iron particles found in the house at least we have three methods to attack this […]

How To Mix Clear Coat Using Paint Mixing Cups with Kevin Tetz – Eastwood

hey guys if you’ve ever had questions about how to mix clear coat while we’re going to show you exactly how to properly mix a catalyzed clear code system because it’s really important that you stay within the manufacturer’s recommendations on the mix ratio now the ratio has nothing to do with volume it’s not […]

After Blast – Clean & Etch Metal after Soda or Abrasive Blasting from Eastwood

yeah your frame blast over going to show you to know exclusive products from eastwood the first one is after blast what that is a combination cleaner degreaser with a phosphoric acid in it which will leave a zinc phosphate base which is excellent for any paint primer powder coated even now we’re going to […]

Battery Tender from Eastwood – Keep Your Battery Charged!

save money by extending the life of your battery with the battery tender from eastwood a battery tender is an easy way to maintain a full charge while stored just connect the alligator clips and you’re set the permanent rings are perfect for a motorcycle or if you plan on charging the battery often or […]

How To Prep Your Car for Paint with Kevin Tetz at Eastwood

properly cleaning the panel’s before you move to the painting process is critical to the success of your paint project and since there’s more than one type of contamination you should use more than one type of cleaner for the panel’s such as pre-painting prep isopropyl alcohol even a glass cleaner check out how we […]

How to MIG Weld, Repair a Door or Fender and Save Money from Eastwood

as mark on today’s rd corner we’re going to teach you how to make well show your real world application by preparedness door skin here we’re going to do is show you the performance and value of these units and how they can pay for themselves in the first job let’s get started all right […]

Blast Cabinet – Abrasive Blasting Tips from Eastwood – Plus a Great Price

the only way to get parts completely cleaned and prepped for paint powder is with a blast cabinet how do you think you would ever get in all these little areas with a wire brush or sanding discs and you’ll never get the rust out of the pits and you don’t get the rest out […]

How To Polish Powder Coating -l Keep Your Coated Parts Shining Bright! Eastwood

and facebook i’m randy here in the East garage and today we’re going to be discussing our powder coating polish and we’re going to show it to you in action it’s a brand new product from eastwood and that’s why we want to show today we want you guys to be the first to see […]