Is the Mazda MX-5 Any Good? – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

[THEME MUSIC] A few years ago, I wrote a blog in which I questioned the greatness of the Mazda MX-5. In the eyes of pretty much every car enthusiast, this was a crime worse than an Alex Roy suit and hat combo. But I meant it. I really did. I just don’t quite get what […]

BMW X5 xDrive 30d – 2019 – SUV TEST – ENG SUB – GARAZ.TV – Rasťo Chvála

Hi, you are afraid you could be eaten by these big kidneys, vrrr! These are giga kidneys and they belong to the new X5’s fourth generation which I now drive around Banska Bystrica. Or should you want to hear it in upper river Hron region: “huzam sa na motore” and do have a proper engine […]

So You Want to Drift Your Car

– When it comes down to things we wished we could do in our first car, drifting is likely among the top of the list. I mean let’s face it, you remember your front-wheel drive Corolla. With e-brake and the automatic. And you go on lunch break in January and drift your car around some […]

Amazing TRUCK CRASH – Crazy Trucks Accident – Best Trailer Crash Compilation -71

Fuck fucking For fuck’s sake! Bitch!

6 Coolest Food Trucks

Black Fly Presents 6 Coolest Food Trucks Number One: A food truck in Seattle makes food specifically for dogs. Ben and Dawn Ford started the so-called “bakery” to serve doggie treats such as Bacon Cupcakes, peanut-butter Pretzels and… chicken feet. The couple, who are pro-dog walkers too, dreamed up their business plan after baking similar […]

Toyota Avalon TRD Drift Car Experience with Ken Gushi & Jarryd Wallace | Toyota Racing

My name is Jared Wallace. I run track and field for the, United States Paralympic team. This is my dad, Jeff. Toyota and I’ve been working on a Father’s Day surprise gift for you. He’s going to ride shotgun with me and go drifting. We’re actually going to be drifting in a front wheel drive […]

Magic Drift Bus

Hey, Miss Frizzle, I’ve heard your husband died just the day before you two were about to marry Life’s a bitch. Ain’t it Miss Shitzle? Where are we even going? We need to deliver the liver to Dorothy. She’s been drinking too much. Weren’t you supposed to make a baby right after marriage? That sucks […]


There are motorists and I consider myself to be one of them who like to stop during a trip for a cup of coffee, they like to take a break at a nice place. But I also belong to a second group of drivers who, when seeing a snowy parking lot, come out of that […]

Crazy Power Wheels Builds and Drift Trike Go Full Send!

[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] moto mules track seriously puts our backyard track to shame this thing is beautiful it’s so steep it’s awesome perfect for Cinderella let’s get those laps going [Music] [Music] [Music] this is the coolest property hi guys so we’re about to go take it out on the pavement and see […]


today I’ll be reviewing an Inspira Hi guys, today I’ll be reviewing the Inspira behind me if you guys have been watching my videos, I previously did review an Inspira with a bolt on turbo this Inspira also had a similar modification but the difference is this is running on an automatic transmission in the […]