December Avenue performs “Kahit ‘Di Mo Alam” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

Even if you close your eyes It won’t change That your heart has been wrapped in hatred It seems like you smile less now And you weren’t like that before Your heart has ran out of beats Are the clouds in the sky and the moon not enough You won’t return to the shade of […]

Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Car! Experiment – Big Chicken VS Car Vs Food

Loud pop! Pop! Pop! There is a soft wet sound made. Multiple crunchy sound are make. Crunch! There is a deep popping and crunching sound. A loud pop and wet squishy sound is made. Someone laughs and screams of screen. There is a pop ans someone laughs off screen. Loud pop! Loud pop! Another loud […]

Avonlea – Cars and Boys (Official Music Video)

Blueberry eyes Ripped blue jeans Some moons are crying this evening Who’s to blame? The girls alone Bluer than June when you’re stuck at home All the girls are singing about beaches cars and boys Sweet sixteen don’t feel quite like the films, no All the girls are singing about beaches cars and boys Sweet […]

Agsunta covers “Kundiman” (Silent Sanctuary) LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

[Wish 107.5] Like sugar, as sweet as your love. Like paint, you painted my world. Like a pillow, you make my tummy feel warm. Like a blanket that hugs me when I feel down So, don’t wonder why I don’t want you to be gone Even if we are not meant to be, ‘Til the […]

Gloc-9 – Upuan (feat. Lirah Bermudez) on Wish FM 107.5 Bus HD

All of you on your seats, Why don’t you try to stand up So that you may see, that you may see, my true predicament Excuse me, are you inside this huge house and sprawling backyard Surrounded with tall walls And expensive cars in a line Guards that keep whispering and whispering Nobody’s getting married […]

Morissette performs “Naririnig Mo Ba” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

[ This has a Music video with a story for anyone who wanna know ] ♫ You’re holding my hand ♫ ♫ Your love is incomparable ♫ ♫ With you… ♫ ♫ my world has changed ♫ ♫ Over and over again, you kept saying: ♫ ♫ “I love you” ♫ ♫ My love for […]

Kurt Fick performs “Puhon” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

I wo n’t promise forever You and I What’s important is that we’ll be together For here and for now Soon, in the right time We’ll know if love is true But for now, I think The best thing I can do Is getting to know you… I don’t know where you came from I […]

العاب سيارات – محاكي القيادة – ألعاب أندرويد – Offroad Jeep Hill Climb Driving 2019

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Monster Truck Car Loop – Learn Numbers

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KZ Tandingan, Shanti Dope perform “Imposible” LIVE on Wish 107.5 Bus

[ Wish 107.5 ] I’m laying low here Sipping coffee, Sitting cross-legged In my room, for weeks now Closed doors My tears are all used up Can’t you see? The chapter’s finished Opened the windows The stars are staring at me Sadness already went away You need some serious talk Forgive me for I can’t […]