You’re Doing It Wrong! How To Correctly Carry A Baby Car Seat!

Seriously, we’ve all been doing it wrong the whole time, and as a father of five this simple technique is something I wish I’d heard about a long time ago!You know, those wonderful seats are designed, as they well should be, for the safety of your child, and it seems like nobody’s given much more […]

Doing This Will Destroy Your Car Battery

rev up your engines, mr master says I really wish I could know what causes a battery overcharging in my car, batteries are charged by the alternator, your alternator goes bad it can easily overcharge the battery, their called alternators cuz they create alternating electricity actually, then they have diodes and the diodes turn the […]

The Basic Parts of a Car -EricTheCarGuy

then now. And it so happens be a car here in my garaged. Basically that’s where you can find the information, what type of vehicle you’re doing with.