Screw Drive Vehicle – Extreme Off Road – Part 10 – THE END

alright so I brought the beast out into the wild here to do some testing I’ll just go through a few things that I’ve done to get to the point where I feel I can start playing around with it %uh first off I have done some reinforcements on the front here you can see […]

Thai 9 HP 1 Cylinder “Truck” – Thailand

(Sounds of 1 cylinder diesel engine idling. Thai workers chatting. >>)

How To Enhance And Restore Tires And Trim – Jeep Renegade – Chemical Guys Tire Kicker

Hey guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So today I’m introducing a new amazing product from Chemical Guys. This is our Tire Kicker Tire Dressing. This is safe for your trim pieces and rubber pieces and what it is going to do is give it that deep rich black look but more importantly it’s […]

ARIES Jeep® Wrangler Installation: 4″ Fender Flares

Welcome to the installation video of the Aries front and rear fender flares on a 2015 Jeep Wrangler. These fender flares are available in a raw aluminum or textured black finish. During this installation, we will be using a lift; however the use of a lift is not required. These are the tools needed to […]

DIY Coca Cola Truck Plans

How To Get Rid Of Hard Water Spots – Jeep Renegade – Chemical Guys

Whats up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So a common question we get is, what is the easiest way to remove water spots. This Jeep has been sitting outside in front of the sprinklers and it has water spots all over the passenger side of car. So what we’re gonna do is show […]

Thai “Truck” with 9 HP 1 Cylinder Diesel Engine (Updated Video Available)

(Sound of 1 cylinder diesel motor running, fades as it moves away >>)

How To Make Coca Cola Truck Christmas Decoration

Today I’m going to show you how to make a model of the coca cola lorry, it looks fantastic and makes a great Christmas decoration. We’re going to need 12 empty Coke cans, 11 plastic bottle tops, 4 kebab skewers, and a tube of super glue. First, we’re going to use a knife and a […]

Lifting your Jeep 4 inches without big power tools – Part 1

Okay now we’re going to drop the transfer case. Basically I have these two brackets right here that you can drop. Some transfer case drop kits have little, kind of like cylinder things that just go inside where the bolts go inside. This kit came with whole bars that go right here. So this is […]

How To Polish And Protect A Black SUV – Ford Edge Sport – Chemical Guys

What’s up guys welcome back to the Detail Garage. So, today I want to show you how simple it is to take care of any scratches, swirls, marring or holograms out of your brand new vehicle. This black Ford Edge Sport was recently purchased by the owner and he didn’t realize it but it actually […]