Nissan X-Trail: 2 Minutes Review. Suv familiar en Bruno Fritsch Santiago y Concepción, Chile.

Hola, bienvenidos a Nissan Bruno Fritsch, en esta oportunidad vamos a conocer nuestra Nissan X-Trail en su versión Exclusive 4×4. Este vehículo de motor 2,5L, cuenta con una caja de transmisión automática CVT con modo manual y tracción 4×4 Sistema de ahorro de combustible, lo que permite un rendimiento de 15,4 km/l Nuestro auto cuenta […]

Kubota M7: Standard VS. Premium Farm Tractors

[music] Neil from Messicks here. We’re out today with two of Kubota M7 series tractors a 171 premium KBT and a 151 standard. We’re going to go around both of these tractors here and show you some of the differences in features of what exactly makes a standard tractor standard and a premium tractor premium. […]

Lexus UX 200. Teste ao PRIMEIRO SUV compacto da Lexus

Hi everyone, and welcome to another YouTube video from Razão Automóvel’s LA Special. This time we’re test driving the Lexus UX, a model that has surprised me by its dynamic performance, by how comfortable it is, and attention to detail. But enough talk – let’s get inside this car, hit the road, and see what […]

2019 NOUA TOYOTA RAV4 HYBRID “SUV-ul care salveaza planeta” | eblogAUTO car review

Hello there friends and welcome! If you are Toyota, you will have two very important elements under your “umbrella” First of all, the hybrid drivetrain Which helped the Japanese manufacturer at the moment to secure the lead in the World championship for endurance racing And secondly, You have a strong and important chassis model, RAV4 […]


today I’ll be reviewing an Inspira Hi guys, today I’ll be reviewing the Inspira behind me if you guys have been watching my videos, I previously did review an Inspira with a bolt on turbo this Inspira also had a similar modification but the difference is this is running on an automatic transmission in the […]

5 Things You Should Never Do In A Brand New Car

Hello everyone and welcome. In this video we’re gonna be talking about five things which you should never do in a brand-new vehicle. Now the definition of brand-new, of course, will change depending on the vehicle, but generally we’re going to be talking about the first thousand miles of which you’re going to be breaking […]

Why Most CVT Transmission Cars are Terrible

rev up your engines, welcome to my Thursday video where I answer a viewers question with an entire video and today’s question comes from John 9180, I got a Nissan Altima with the CVT transmission, the stupid thing went out when it only had 80,000 miles on it, is this something with Nissan’s or is […]

Here’s Why This Car is Dangerous

rev up your engines I’m gonna tell you why you should not buy a car with a CVT transmission if you live in a mountainous area or if like me you rent a car on vacation in a mountainous area I recently went to Maine beautiful place unbelievable food sceneries insane but I ranted a […]

Should You Buy a CVT Transmission Car (How It Works)

rev up your engines, believe it or not, it’s snowing in Houston, since I can’t work outside now, I’m just going to talk about CVT transmissions, now many modern cars come with CVT transmissions, it stands for, continuously variable transmissions, they don’t have gears like a normal transmission, they don’t shift from first gear, second […]