Volvo Trucks – Do you love flat roof cabs? Check out this Volvo FH! – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Welcome to Angelo De Kraker’s cab, a Volvo FH from 2013 with individual front suspension. There’s an understated elegance about this truck. Angelo himself describes the style as a clean retro Danish design, and the colours certainly reflect this. Many components have been specifically chosen and are from Volvo’s older models, just like this steering […]

Scania Driver Competitions Winner receives customised truck

My name is Andreas Nordsjø and I am here to see my price beeing built. I spend a lot of time with the truck and it´s fun to see how it is put together. You get a really good connection with the vehicle. In the finals I managed to stay calm and in that way […]

Volvo Trucks – The Hollywood blockbuster of a truck to die (hard) for! – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Can you guess what Hollywood movie this is from? That’s right: Die Hard. Welcome to the party and welcome to Lee Stewart’s cab. This is a Volvo FH16 with 750 horsepower, equipped with I-Shift. Every accessory and detail on this action-packed truck has been customised, so it’s no surprise that the whole truck took eight […]

Volvo Trucks – A perfect timber truck, beauty and functionality merged – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Timber! Welcome to Martin Heimensen’s cab, a Volvo FH from 2016 with 500 horsepower and I-Shift Dual Clutch, used for hauling, well, timber. Martin figures that it’s good for business to stand out a bit, hence the styling. A customised top rail bar has been added, and the truck has had a new exterior paint […]

Volvo Trucks – A heavy metal truck designed by a heavy metal legend – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Welcome to a breathtaking, trucking, rocking, world-exclusive one-off. Yes, it’s a Volvo FH16 with 750 horsepower, but that’s just where the story begins. Volvo loves metal, and we know many metal fans love Volvo. That’s why the very heaviest of Volvo Trucks’ heavy metal has been dressed up to salute the power of rock. This […]

Volvo Trucks – Let’s go back to the 80s, check out this retro truck – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Welcome To Erwin Vliegenthart’s cab, a Volvo FH from 2014 with 500 horsepower and manual gearbox. Styling trucks has always been a passion for Erwin. He wanted this truck to look like it was from the 1980s. He’s a big fan of that particular decade and has tried to give this truck a real ’80s […]

Volvo Trucks – 800 hours of styling makes this Volvo FH extraordinary – “Welcome to my cab – light”

Everything just went lilac. Welcome to Martin Paulisse’s cab, a Volvo FH from 2015 with 500 horsepower. These high-definition stripes have been painted with maximum precision. The design was planned by Martin and his mate. Believe it or not, it actually took longer to plan these precise lines than to paint them. All in all, […]