Car wheel changes color / Custom paint method part2 / It ’s Another dimension idea / カスタムペイント

Before painting After painting Wax remover Sanding – #800 Wax remover Remove static electricity Adhesive Black Chameleon pigment Interclear 100% : Pigment 5% Mixing hardener and solvent First layer Second layer Third layer Clear coating First layer Second layer Third layer Thank you for watching See you in next video

Restoration / Old car painting method and How to paint step by step / custom painting

Old Car Painting 1969 El Camino Big damage Too many dents Epoxy primer Chipping coat Colored urethane primer Pale blue matallic ( first layer ) Pale blue matallic ( second layer ) Top coat clear ( first layer ) Top coat clear ( second layer ) Complete

How to Custom Paint Graphics and Flake painting / Car Painting Ideas / カスタムペイント

Erinnerst du dich an dieses Auto? “Thermofarbe” verblasste in zwei Monaten und nicht arbeiten. Also male ich die vordere Hälfte neu. Grundfarbe – gelb Dreimal auftragen. violett rot Gold Schwarz Tiefes Gold Mini-Flocke Decklack klar Heißes Wasser Harnstoffdünger Spülmittel Harnstoffwasser

How To Custom Candy Paint and Full Graphics on Car・カスタムペイント

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Custom painting method / Car wheel changes color / It ’s Another dimension idea / カスタムペイント

Standard design wheel Sanding – #800 Adhesive Paint in black Chameleon pigment Clear 100% : pigment 5% Left side of the spoke Right side of the spoke circumference Front Repeat 3 times Top coat clear Repeat again The color changes with the angle of light

Restoration / Old Car Painting Method and Rust Prevention Method / custom paint

Old Car Painting and Rust Prevention Before Painting After Painting Sanding – #80 Lots of Repanting Sanding – #180 Never touch with bare hands Because it causes rust ASAP – Rust stop coating first Never touch with bare hands Because it causes rust After this , cure the roof dents Epoxy primer Reactive iron plate […]

How to Custom Paint A Car With Marble Effect (EASY)

– [Donnie] This is Donnie Smith, and I’m gonna show you something really cool in this video, this makes a very neat effect. It looks like you did something really hard, but it’s really easy to do. First thing you wanna do is spray black base coat wherever you’re gonna be doing this and we’ve […]