hello my friends are you bored by watching the normal cars all around you and welcome to TTI today we are listening to top ten most unusual cars which actually exist in real life so sit back relax and enjoy the video let’s begin number ten thrust SSC everyone loves rockets like Elon Musk for […]

Basic Car Detailing Prep Wash Steps – Chemical Guys Detail Garage: Porsche Boxster Part 1

Welcome back to Detail Garage. In this series we have a used Porsche Bosxter in the shop. The owner brought it in straight from the dealership. Obviously the car got some kind of contamination, over spray and bird droppings all over the front end of the vehicle. It’s fairly dirty and it has a few […]

Ferrari 458 Spider Nailed – /CHRIS HARRIS ON CARS

First we’ll deal with the controversial bit. This car belongs to Ferrari. And I’m probably not supposed to be driving it. But I’m not going to dwell on that. Someone kind of subcontracted it to me, let’s say. And if I’m offered to drive in a Ferrari I don’t ask questions. I just drive it. […]

World class collection hidden in plain sight | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 61 (Part 2/4)

(upbeat music) – We’re back in Midland, Texas, where we were about a year ago. This won’t be your normal Barn Find Hunter episode. It was just a year ago we were in this yard in Midland, Texas, looking at this field of pretty solid cars, and I actually really fell in love with this […]