Spinal cord is (not) a bus [BINAC 01]

Welcome to brain is not a computer I am Memming, I’m Kathleen, and we’re here to demystify the brain. How do the human body and the modern computer relay messages between different components? In the body the brain uses the spinal cord to talk to remote body parts and the computer uses buses to communicate […]

The Magic School Bus Explores in the Age of Dinosaurs – PC Game Review – brutalmoose

Well, I guess it’s time for another boring brutalmoose video. I’m gonna sit here and talk about a computer game again… It’s all I ever seem to do anymore. *honk honk* Field trip. Did you guys hear that? It’s time for a field trip! Field trip time, guys! Oh my god, you guys, did you […]


Use the Can BUS Signal type to decode the Controller Area Network protocol. This full featured decoder will decode the entire Can 2.0 B specification. We have already added a CAN BUS signal to our project and captured some data. Let’s open the Signal’s editor to see it’s configuration options. Click on the Signal name […]

NOVA scienceNOW:55 – Can My Car Live Forever,Replacing BodyParts,Can We Slow Aging,Human Hibernation

Can We Live Forever? NEIL DEGRASSE TYSON (Astrophysicist, American Museum of Natural History): Hi, I’m Neil deGrasse Tyson, your host of NOVA scienceNOW, where this season we’re asking six big questions. On this episode: Can We Live Forever? Some folks seem to be built to last. This guy is 91! CHUCK YOGI (Honolulu Heart Program […]

Google’s driverless car | Sebastian Thrun

As a boy, I loved cars. When I turned 18, I lost my best friend to a car accident. Like this. And then I decided I’d dedicate my life to saving one million people every year. Now I haven’t succeeded, so this is just a progress report, but I’m here to tell you a little […]

2019 Stock & Tuned Satsuma – Save Game for NEWEST VERSION – My Summer Car #109

Przed zadaniem pytania, obejrzyj wideo do końca. Lokalizacje części oraz przedmiotów zostały pokazane. Nic nie stuka, silnik działa. Nic nie stuka, silnik działa.

Recharge Car Battery with Laptop Charger

36 amperes car battery check the voltage 12.55 volts this is a laptop charger the output 19 volts and maximum 3.95 amperes this circuit is using 15 volts IC regulator and a power transistor with two diodes the output is 13.60 volts with one diode the output is 14.03 volts and no diode the output […]

How to Replace a Car Battery (the Right Way)

rev up your engines! today I’m going to show you something that you should always do in a modern car when you change your battery, so you don’t end up having weird electrical problems, over the past decade and even a little bit further back, I’ve had lots of customers come to me and say, […]