Volvo Trucks – New heavy-duty electric concept trucks for construction and regional transport

How can we meet the climate challenge while the need for transport continues to increase? Volvo Trucks is taking another step, exploring the future of heavy-duty electric vehicles in two new segments: regional distribution and urban construction transports. Growing urbanisation drives demand for cleaner and even more silent transport in the delivery of goods and […]

How Green Is Your Car?

Exhaust emissions from transportation are one of the main contributors to poor air quality world-wide, especially in cities and the need to reduce the pollution emitted by road vehicles has never been greater. Answering the call for a cleaner transport future, Green NCAP is a new, independent, pan-European consumer programme to test and rate vehicles […]

The Best Cars For the Climate | Hot Mess 🌎

Say you’re looking to buy a car. How do you pick the best car for the planet? There’s already a lot to consider when choosing a new ride, and factoring in climate change makes it even trickier. Well we’re here to guide you through it… even if we can’t come to the dealership with you. […]

Greta Thunberg to world leaders: ‘How dare you? You have stolen my dreams and my childhood’

My message is that we’ll be watching you. k[Laughter/applause] This is all wrong. I shouldn’t be up here. I should be back in school on the other side of the ocean. Yet you all come to us young people for hope? How dare you! You have stolen my dreams and my childhood with your empty […]

Electric car club gives FREE RIDES to neighbours in need!

Mostly what we do is take people to appointments. We pick them up from where they live and we take them to appointments, cause they can’t afford to do it otherwise. BOB: It’s just so pleasant to be able to help people to go to things that are really important to them, that otherwise they […]


Ich hab ja gelesen das Klima wird wärmer und als ne Folge werden dann die Afrikaner ärmer Aber die jetzt bei uns rein, nee, wo sollen die denn hin aber wie das denen geht…puuh…schon schlimm Und dann die Feinstaubbelastung, sowas macht mir echt zu schaffen Da traut man sich kaum mehr auf die Straße raus […]

Volvo Trucks – Power and performance with our new gas-powered trucks

What we’re looking at here is the new Volvo LNG-powered, 13-litre Euro 6 engine that we’re going to be offering as an alternative to the diesel variants that we offer today. What makes this technology better and different is the way that we are able to deliver the fuel to the cylinder. We’re delivering it […]

Volvo Trucks – This is how gas flows in the engine inside our gas-powered trucks

In order to give the truck as long driving range as possible, the tank is filled with liquefied gas. The gas is stored in a cryogenic vacuum isolated tank at minus 130 to 140 degrees Celsius. Inside the tank is a hydraulically driven pump that raises the LNG to system pressure, and a vaporiser at […]

Volvo Trucks – This is LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas)

In a world with a constantly increasing demand for climate-smart energy solutions, one of the answers is natural gas and biogas. Natural gas is one of the world’s fastest growing major energy sources and the cleanest burning fossil fuel. The gas can be found in underground reservoirs all over the world, and the resource of […]

Volvo Trucks – Always on the hunt for eco-friendly solutions – Meet our Customer: Monge & C Spa

Since the beginning, my father has been passing on his values to his children and to all the company employees. Environmental viability has been important to us. These principles are always well in mind. My father started producing pet food to use the waste of his chickens instead of throwing it away. Then it dawned […]