Lots & Lots of Trucks | Monster Trucks, Fast Trucks, Garbage Trucks, Fire Trucks | James Coffey

Here they come… the biggest most powerful trucks in the world! It’s Lots and Lots of Trucks! Big trucks, little trucks, diesel, freight, and firefighting trucks. Even trucks that blow through snow! Old trucks, new trucks, fast trucks, slow trucks, smokin’ trucks, even trucks from down on the farm. Plus diggers, dozers, dumpers, and much, […]

BRUDER TOYS Christmas shopping! Truck and Tractor for kids!

Jul handla! Lastbil och traktor för barn!


What a beautiful Christmas, almost Christmas, day… I mean, this is SoCal: sunny, 80 degrees outside, tons of hot rods… And, you know, when you’re talking about customizing, when you talk about custom cars, custom bikes, hot rods… There is one name that is really important and you can not talk about customizing without Mooneyes […]

Disney Cars MATER Battery-Powered Ride-On Quad Review 🐱

This is a review of the Disney Pixar Madar car ride-on . It comes fully assembled width 6 volt rechargeable battery easy push button control two miles per hour sounds slow but it goes pretty fast we do use on hard surfaces such as outside or on linoleum or hardwood. Right now my 2-year-old son […]

All I Want for Christmas (Car Part Parody Song)

Nie chcę wiele na święta, Jest taka jedna rzecz, którą potrzebuję Nie obchodzi mnie większość prezentów Pod choinką Ja tylko chciałabym duże turbo Bardziej niż Ci się wydaję Spraw by moje marzenie się spełniło Wszystko co bym chciała to CZĘŚCI SAMOCHODOWE OD CIEBIE Nie chcę wiele na święta, Moja lista na prawdę nie jest długa […]

Santa’s Sleigh goes through the car wash | Carl’s Car Wash Christmas Special!

Whoa ho ho, my reindeer friends We have a special night ahead of us All our presents are packed, and we’re going… Wait, Santa, you almost forgot the Whoooaaa! Candy canes I’m so sorry, Santa I’ll clean up your sleigh Oh no, they’re stuck You aren’t kidding These candy canes are clinging to my sleigh […]

Christmas Car Ride with Motoki

[sighs] Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad Feliz Navidad Prospero año y Felicidad Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock Jingle bell swing and jingle bells ring Snowing and blowing up bushels of fun All I want for Christmas iiiiiiis youuuuuu I don’t want a lot for Christmas There is just one thing I need and IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII […]