Rating Team Custom Offsets Trucks! || From The Gallery

– What’s going on guys, Fuller here, from Custom Offsets. Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube, with… Oh, so now this time you’re not gonna say– – Gotcha! – But you did last time? – This is Junior. And how…typically we have an episode of from the gallery coming up today– – You told me […]

Why Re-Gear Your Modified Car, Truck, or SUV? #NitroGear

So – Why do we Re-Gear? Any time that you go up a tire size or add significant rolling weight to your vehicle – your transmission is taking on that extra duty. When your gearing is no longer in balance with the rest of your vehicle? Bad things happen. The transmission builds excessive Heat, your […]

Top 3 Stolen Trucks and Simple Tips to Prevent Your Truck From Being Stolen

It’s a scene you hope you never have to encounter. You’re walking back to your truck, you know this is where you parked, but it’s not there. There’s only one thing it could be. Your truck was stolen. Hey guys, Ken here with 4WheelOnline. If you like what we’re doing hit that subscribe button! And […]

Rating Your Trucks! || From The Gallery, Couples Edition

– Hey guys, Shawn with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. We’ve got a From the Gallery for you guys. We’ve got the ladies with us again. Per your request we brought them back, and this is my lovely wife, Emily. – Of course I am Banker, Custom Offsets, with my lovely girlfriend, […]

2018 Full-Size SUV Challenge — Cars.com

when it comes to hauling family and cargo there’s nothing better than a seven passenger three row SUV we’re here just outside Phoenix Arizona where we’ve brought some of the biggest and best and newest SUVs to put in head-to-head competition we brought four twenty eighteen models starting with the Chevy Tahoe rst the Ford […]

5 CHEAP ways to build your truck!

– What’s going on, guys? Fuller here with Custom Offsets, Custom Offsets TV on the YouTube. Coming at you with another one of those five things videos. So these are gonna be the five ways that you can build your truck for less. I know a lot of people, you know, they go out and […]

LMC Truck: 1981-87 Chevy/GMC Truck Door Panel Installation with Kevin Tetz

Hi, I’m Kevin Tetz working with LMC Truck to bring you some great technical and how-to information on how to work on your truck projects. In this video we’re going to walk you through the process of replacing interior door trim panels in a 1981 through 1987 Chevy or GMC pickup. Now to me this […]

These Are the Trucks People Love to Hate | WheelHouse

(energetic percussive music) – Like America herself, the pickup truck has become the melting pot of the automotive world. (engine roaring) Everyone has their own idea of what the pickup should be, but some people like to hate on the scenes they’re not part of. And that bugs the sh (missing audio) out of me. […]


– What’s going on guys, Fuller here from Custom Offsets, TBL YouTube with Kota who you probably haven’t seen before, I think it’s your first time on video, right? – Yeah. – Yeah, but you might have talked to him on Instagram; he handles all the Instagram comments and all the DMs, so fill up […]

OK Go – Needing/Getting – Official Video

You guys ready? Yeah. I’ve been waiting for months, waiting for years, waiting for you to change. Aw, but there ain’t much that’s dumber, there ain’t much that’s dumber than pinning your hopes on a change in another And I, yeah I still need you, but what good’s that gonna do? Needing is one thing, […]