If You Don’t Have This Cheap Luxury Car You’re Stupid

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about the cheapest Lexus the Lexus is250 is it a good car or not, now this is a 2015 is 250 and yes it is that huge scowling grill I personally find them absurd looking aside from the looks which frankly you don’t see most of the […]

I Can’t Believe What This Did to My Car

rev up your engines welcome to mechanic Monday where I try out products and make videos on ones that actually work now today I finally got a big problem concrete a splashing on my car because of the swine’s down the street as you can see they’re building a giant nine story apartment complex this […]

Look What This Did to My Cheap Car

rev up your engines today I’m gonna talk about some products that I’ve tried out that actually work now the first thing I’m gonna talk about is this encore product it revitalizes plastic and vinyl it’s a spray-on and man I am impressed by what this thing does just look at the faded plastic under […]

The Best Cars You Can Buy for Under $10,000! | WheelHouse

(car engine roaring) – If you’re like me, you love cars. But, you don’t have a lot of money to spend on them. Well, fret not, because today we’re looking at 10 cars under 10 thousand dollars. (upbeat music) So let’s lay the ground rules. First, the car can’t cost more than 10 thousand dollars. […]

FASTEST Cars You Can Buy for CHEAP | WheelHouse

– If you’re like me, you’re always looking for a reason to go fast. But one thing that always gets in the way of doing that is money and my lack of it. So, how do you go fast on a shoe string budget? We’ve already covered how to get a cool ride for under […]

Here’s Why Rich People Buy Cheap Cars and Broke People Buy Luxury Cars

rev up your engine today I’m gonna talk about why a cheaper car is often a better thing to have than an expensive car I am the master of owning cheap cars I’ve been driving over 50 years and those 50 years from my own personal cars I have spent less than $7,500 total of […]

5 More Reliable Luxury Cars Under 5K

So I’ll start by saying that this list was probably the hardest one to make. Sure you can buy an affordable reliable luxury car but for under $5K? Now that’s just pushing it. But I did try my hardest so please try to cut me some slack. Oh and I included 2 European cars in […]

Here’s Why This New Car is Dirt Cheap

rev up your engines alright people are asking me hey Scotty what’s the most unpopular car in the US well this year it’s the Fiat 124 spider they’re probably gonna retire it not make it anymore but it is the lease sold car in the United States for any mass-produced cars that are sold here […]

Best Beginner Racecars for CHEAP | WheelHouse

– I love racing more than I love myself. And while self love is important, and mine is probably lacking, going fast is more important. You wanna go race on a shoestring budget? It can be done. Here are my picks for the best cheap cars you can buy for five grand or less, to […]

$25,000 Car Vs. $503,000 Car

– Oh, what is this? Evan, are you serious? BMW, bro? You fancy, bro? – Why are you filming me, man? – Hold up. (engine revving) That’s what you need to drive, Evan, there. (laughs) How much was this car? – It costs don’t worry about it. – It cost mind your own business? – […]