Tesla Giveaway & Tesla’s software advantage – the car that keeps getting better

Look. Look. You’re not mine. Someone is going to win you. Okay? A few months ago I put out a video about what I thought Tesla’s top 5 competitive advantages were. I still stand by that list and wouldn’t remove anything, but one advantage that a bunch of you brought up was Tesla’s software. And […]

Kevin Hart and Dwayne Johnson Crush Things in a Monster Truck with Winner // Omaze Experience

Lisa and… Meret? Yes! Yes! How you doing? How you doing? I love you! I’m driving. Oh ****. Yeah, it’s a big oh ****. The truck weighs about eleven thousand pounds. Woo! 500 horsepower. Ow! The tires are at least five foot five. I’mma be honest with everybody in the back that’s coming along for […]

Win a 1967 Volkswagen Bus That’s Been Restored & Customized // Omaze

This 1967 VW Bus would look pretty great in your driveway, but why stop there? That’s right. To support a great cause, Omaze is giving you the chance to win this restored and customized VW Deluxe Bus, taxes and shipping included. The Bus’s eye-catching Electric Blue exterior features iconic VW accents, a huge skylight roof […]

Electric car club gives FREE RIDES to neighbours in need!

Mostly what we do is take people to appointments. We pick them up from where they live and we take them to appointments, cause they can’t afford to do it otherwise. BOB: It’s just so pleasant to be able to help people to go to things that are really important to them, that otherwise they […]

Win a Lamborghini Urus: the World’s First Super SUV // Omaze

Hey, you! Yes, you. Wanna win a Lamborghini Urus? That’s right. To support a great cause, Omaze is giving you the chance to win a 2019 Lamborghini Urus with taxes and shipping included. This car combines the functionality of an SUV, with the legendary style and power of a Lamborghini. Let’s check it out. Thanks […]

What is Desert Bus for Hope?

♪ ♪ ♪ Hello, I’m Graham from LoadingReadyRun. People are always asking us to explain what Desert Bus for Hope is, and we felt that a video would be the quickest and simplest way to do that. To understand Desert Bus for Hope, you first need to understand Desert Bus. Generally considered to be the […]

Win a Custom Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon from Collins Bros Jeep // Omaze

Hey, everyone. I’m Dennis Collins from Collins Bros Jeep and we’re here teaming up with Omaze to hook you up with a custom Jeep Wrangler of your dreams. That’s right. To support a great cause, we’re offering you the chance to win a 2019 Rubicon 4×4 Wrangler and $40,000 worth of custom upfitting courtesy of […]

Souped Up School Bus: Custom Motor Helps Charities Across The World

JERRY: Once you see it, you never forget it! COMM: Shortcut High is a custom built hot rod school bus, and it was the creation of Jerry Bowers. JERRY: I like to build something I can drive on the street and really enjoy more than working on all the time. MAN: I’ve been to a […]

Your Gas Matters | Tanforan Shell & Car Wash Gives Back

(light music) – Let’s face it. We all have gas. But imagine if that gas could change an orphan’s life. – [Director] Cut! – [Actor] I thought that was good! – Uh yeah, it was a start. But the line is we all need gas. – [Actor] What did I say? – [Director] We all […]

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