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Jeep Car wash | Cartoon Video For Children | Kindergarten Nursery Rhymes For Babies by Kids Channel

Jeep Car Wash

Ivan’s Ice Cream Truck goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

[giggling] Here’s your 17 scoop surprise, Sally Whoa! Steady, Sally [crying] Surprise! You get another ice cream cone [giggling] See ya Bye, Sally Oh ho ho, ohhh…gotta get to Carl’s Car Wash, lickety split Oh, it’s so hot, I’m melting Ohhh That sounds like Ivan’s ice cream truck I’d love a chilly treat right now […]

Can You Ride A Tricycle Through The Car Wash? | Bike Car Wash!

Hey, Carl How’s it going? Not bad, Billy What brings you here? I rode through a puddle, I got mud all over my tricycle Can you clean it? Gee, Billy, I don’t know Come on, Carl, my tricycle’s really dirty Sorry, buddy, tricycle’s can’t go through the wash It’s a lot of water and soap […]

DICO is building Hello Carwash #1

Hello Carwash friends! Welcome at this location, were this year Hello Carwash will be built. This is being done by DICO Carwash together with Heerenstede Vastgoed and Steingoed Projectontwikkeling. We are going to built a beautiful new indoor carwash for all inhabitants of Rotterdam, Capelle and surroundings. At the moment we are busy with driving […]

The FIRST On-Demand Mobile Car Detail in Australia!

It’s a huge day for car detailing in Australia I’m currently driving to meet Kara the first person to use Refresh On-Demand G’day Luke! How you going!? Luke’s one of our qualified Refresh Valet Automotive Detailers. Luke’s making this little Hyundai look a million dollars. Tony actually requested the Refresh on behalf of his sister. […]

Carwash Song | ASL – American Sign Language | Baby Songs | Little Baby Bum

Little Baby Bum See the buses in a line Muddy and covered in grime Buckle up and sit in tight Soon they will be clean and bright Splish splish splosh At the carwash, carwash Swish swish swash At the carwash, carwash Scrub-a-dub, bubble up Shine and sheen At the carwash, carwash Let’s get clean See […]

Hector’s Helicopter goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

Oh no, what a mess! I better make like a tree and ‘leave’ for Carl’s Car Wash Whoa! Is that Hector’s helicopter? Coming in for a landing, Carl I’ve got a bit of a mess here Can you ‘spruce’ me up? ‘Leaf’ it to me, Hector! Let me find your vehicle Is it a spaceship? […]

Robocar Poli Carwash Playset 로보카 폴리 – Unboxing Demo Review

Hi everyone! Welcome to Keith’s Toy Box! Today we’re going to wash Poli and his friends squeaky clean with the surprise toy The Robocar Poli Car Wash Playset This fully loaded Car Wash Playset has features to allow us to wash, dry, and even tune up our cars! and it already comes with a Poli […]

Garbage Truck | Car Wash Videos | Cartoons For Babies by Kids Channel

Garbage Truck