Fiona’s Fire Truck goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

Hi there, kitty How did you get all the way up into this tree? Meow Here, kitty, kitty Come on, I’ll save you Meow Woof woof Meow Uh oh, what a mess Better go to Carl’s Car Wash to get this cleaned up Well, hello there, Fiona Woof, woof Hi there, Finnigan Meow And I […]

Hector’s Helicopter goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

Oh no, what a mess! I better make like a tree and ‘leave’ for Carl’s Car Wash Whoa! Is that Hector’s helicopter? Coming in for a landing, Carl I’ve got a bit of a mess here Can you ‘spruce’ me up? ‘Leaf’ it to me, Hector! Let me find your vehicle Is it a spaceship? […]

Fran’s Fruit Truck goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

Fruit delivery. Going up Oh, it’s too heavy Oh, come on I’ve got to get all of this fruit delivered Just peachy My fruit is all mixed up Look at this mess! It’s off to Carl’s Car Wash Mmm…Fran’s apples sure are yummy Looks like I’m down to my last one Oh good. It’s Fran’s […]

CAR WASH FOR KIDS | Taxi Cab Car Wash | Vehicle Cartoon for Children

Thanks, Tony Eh, see you, Ivan [siren] Ahh…oh, man! I better head to Carl’s Car Wash and fast Time is money [beep beep] That sounds like Tony’s taxi Hey ya, Carl Can you, uh, clean me up? And quick…the meter’s running I know, time’s a ticking, Tony Let me find your vehicle as quick as […]

Vegetable Truck | Car Wash Video | Cartoons For Children by Kids Channel

Vegetable Truck

Car Wash Videos for Children | BLiPPi dressed toddler | min min playtime🌈

min min playtime! Hello min mins! hello min min friends, we’ve got a blue present today. I wonder what’s inside? we’re looking for clues look what’s in here! Our first clue is a brush our second clue is a pepper pig toy car and our third clue is a John Deere toy truck what could […]

Buc-ees: The World’s Longest Car Wash | Localish

[MUSIC PLAYING] The car wash, you have to see it to believe it. Everything’s a little bit bigger at Buc-ee’s. [MUSIC PLAYING] It is 255 five feet long. It is the largest and longest car wash in the world. Well, if you’ve ever driven through Texas, you know there’s not a more welcome sight on […]

Tractor Car Wash | Car Cartoons For Children | Vehicle Videos For Toddlers | Kids Channel

Tractor Car Wash

Car Wash With Garbage Family Show | Washing the Red Car

Ahhh! Nooooo!!!! Ahhhh! I got wet kids! Oh my goodness! Hi kids. We got a surprise for Roman and Gracey. They’re going to come outside and open this up. Let’s see what happens…! A new garbage can! A new garbage can! Do you kids love it?! Roman, Gracey, what do you think about the NEW […]

baby’s truck visits the car wash in this cartoon car vehicle video for children by Kids Channel

Baby’s truck visit the car wash