Carl’s Big Adventure! | Carl’s Car Wash Mini-Movie

(air whooshing) – Carl’s Car Wash! (engine rumbling) (light music) (broom rustling) Woo wee. There’s so much dust and dirt today. (Carl groans) Hey, I wonder what’s going on over there. That must be where all the dirt’s coming from. (upbeat music) (engine rumbling) Seems like they’re building something big. (light music) (broom brushing) (engine […]

Wrong Vehicles crash in the Mud | Toy cars wash on the car wash | Video Police Cars for kids

Wrong Vehicles crash in the Mud | Toy cars wash on the car wash

Santa’s Sleigh Is Covered With Sticky Candy Canes | Carl’s Car Wash’s Christmas Special

– Carl’s Car Wash! (bells jingling) – Ho ho ho! (cheerful festive music) Whoa, ho ho, my reindeer friends. We have a special night ahead of us. All our presents are packed, and we’re going– – Wait, Santa! You almost forgot the, whoa whoa whoa. Candy canes. (sighs) I’m so sorry, Santa. I’ll clean up […]

Ice Cream Truck Car Wash! – Carl’s Car Wash

– Carl’s Car Wash! (cheery music) (upbeat music) (Sally giggles) – Here’s your 17 Scoop Surprise, Sally. Whoa! Steady, Sally! (ice cream splatters) (Dad gasps) (Sally cries) Surprise! You get another ice cream cone. (Sally giggles) – [Dad] See ya. – Bye, Sally. – (laughs) Ohh, gotta get to Carl’s Car Wash, lickety split. – […]

Messy Tomato Truck Gets Squeaky Clean – Carl’s Car Wash

(playful chiming) (upbeat country music) (thudding) (splattering) – Oh! Oh! Oh no! Oh dear! As soon as I drop off these tomatoes, I’ll head straight to Carl’s Car Wash. (Carl snoring) – What? (playful music) – Hey, Carl! – Hey, Betty. – I’m here for a wash. – Okay. What type of vehicle is Betty […]

A Big Rig goes through Car Wash | Carl’s Car Wash

– Carl’s Carwash! (truck horn beeping) (upbeat playful music) – Ah, just me and the open road. (upbeat playful music) Oops, I can’t cross over this fresh asphalt. Better turn around. – Watch out! Runaway steamroller! (tar splattering) – What in tarnation? – Catch that thing! – Oh, gosh! I’d better head over to that […]

Airplane Car Wash?! | Carl’s Car Wash

– Carl’s Car Wash! (plane engine whirring) (upbeat dramatic music) – Woohoo! I’m almost finished writing this message in the sky telling everyone that the new race track is now open! Now open! Oh no! I cut it too close! The green writing’s all over my shiny red airplane! I better fly to Carl’s Car […]

Harvey’s Hot Dog Truck is a Mustard-y Mess! | Car Wash Videos for Kids

Here’s your hot dog, Eugenie The fixings are over there Thanks, Harvey Harvey, this mustard is all clogged up Squeeze it a little harder, Eugenie That should do the trick Oh no, there’s mustard everywhere Don’t you worry about it, Eugenie Comes with the territory when you’re in the hot dog business I’ll clean it […]

Garbage Truck | Cartoon Video For Children | Car Song For Babies by Kids Channel

Garbage Car Wash

Ivan’s Ice Cream Truck goes through the car wash | Cartoon for kids

[giggling] Here’s your 17 scoop surprise, Sally Whoa! Steady, Sally [crying] Surprise! You get another ice cream cone [giggling] See ya Bye, Sally Oh ho ho, ohhh…gotta get to Carl’s Car Wash, lickety split Oh, it’s so hot, I’m melting Ohhh That sounds like Ivan’s ice cream truck I’d love a chilly treat right now […]