Never Buy a New Car, Unless

rev up your engine’s, Joan says scotty you always say don’t buy a new car, but I’m planning on buying a Tacoma and keep it forever, should I still go for a new one or should I trying to find a good use Tacoma instead, I’m a fan of buying used cars, I bought nothing […]

1995 Honda Civic Hatch EH2: Regular Car Reviews

Dear Mr. Regular – I’m a high school student/college student and I’d like to get [into] cars; What type of car should I get? (And “Miata” is always the answer – true.) But if you lived in Northeast, and you need a car that’s going to be your daily (and also an enthusiast) car, AND […]

Here’s Why Cars Have Stupid Designs

rev up your engines, Sebastian Dehesa says scotty why did dodge put a battery in front of the driver’s side wheel in a Dodge Avenger, because they could, they wanted to maximize the space for the engine inside the engine compartment, so they stuck it there, just stupid stuff, I mean the first time I […]

The Worst Cars Toyota Ever Made

rev up your engines, today to set things straight, I’m gonna talk about the biggest vehicle mistakes that Toyota has made, I see a lot of naysayers say, Oh Scotty he’s just paid for by Toyota and says how great their cars are, hey I’ve been working on cars for 51 years, I’m not talking […]

Why Most CVT Transmission Cars are Terrible

rev up your engines, welcome to my Thursday video where I answer a viewers question with an entire video and today’s question comes from John 9180, I got a Nissan Altima with the CVT transmission, the stupid thing went out when it only had 80,000 miles on it, is this something with Nissan’s or is […]

5 Used Cars You Should Buy

rev up your engines, today I’m gonna talk about the five best used cars that you can buy, now I know there’s lots of people out there talking about what’s good and what’s bad but really, if you want to learn about what used cars to buy, ask a mechanic like me, because just out […]

Never Buy This Car

rev up your engines, bearded ape beard care says my Nissan is always breaking ,well you’re not the only one in a planet with that problem who owns a Nissan, they just have a tendency of breaking it’s unfortunate, that’s why I tell people don’t buy them, ever since they merged with Renault years ago […]

Top 11 Cars for the Apocalypse! | WheelHouse

– Hell fire. Armageddon. The Tupac-alypse. ♪ Grab your glocks when you see Tupac ♪ – The world is ending and all I can think about is what car I would drive. But before we get to that, big thanks to our sponsor for this episode Morning Brew. Get smarter in just five minutes. Back […]

Electric Camaro Drift Car: Exclusive First Look

– Picture this, you’re at the track, a car comes drifting sideways through the first turn. The tires are a screaming for mercy but suddenly you realize that they’re the only thing that’s screaming. There is no engine sound. (tires screeching) What? You just saw the world’s first electric pro drift car homie and we […]

The Worst Car to Daily Drive

rev up your engines, the sly man says ten-year-old Porsche Cayenne made in Germany for daily driving a good idea, in Europe I see people doing it a lot, that may be one of the worst ideas on the planet, you’re getting this Porsche Cayenne they are so expensive to maintain, I was reading something […]